06 June 2007

The Art Room



Our Art Gallery (I like my fridge void of paper)

They've named the horse Botticelli--not sure where that came from, but it's apros pos!

This room has been an absolute joy. We call it the art room, but more than art happens here. We have our crate of library books that get perused on the comfortable (though not all that attractive) blue couch. It isn't a huge room, and I wish I could capture it more fully, but it is a happy room. It was once the patio, so it has a "service window" into the music room, as well as it's own door. I think it is very important to provide a where to foster creativity. Growing up, the laundry room was called the Drawing Room. We loved that room and loved doing projects there. I desire that same surrounding for my kids to enjoy. They are free to make messes and create as well as snuggle down and relax. I keep their artwork on display until there is no more room and we take down the old and put up the new.


  1. First of all LOVE the orange. Second, I dream of a room like this for all of us to get out our creative juices in someday. Lovely, inspiring, seriously happy room!

  2. I want a horse named Bottecelli.

  3. This room looks fantastic! I love the letters along the top. Good work.

  4. Oh I just LOVE this room! Did you make those letters? What a great idea! I like the blue and orange together. And I do have to comment on the couch...we have the same couch in loveseat and sofa form!!!! We have had them now for 7 years and counting! I agree that they are definitely not the most attractive, but they have been very durable for our children. I do hope to one day get new couches, but I can't bring myself to buy any when these are still in great shape after so many years.

  5. I got the letters at Joanns Fabric and Divine and Pearl helped paint them. They loved picking out which letter to paint next.

  6. Katy, loved seeing the "grandkid" photo up!! Where did you find Botticelli?


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