17 June 2007

Father of My Children

People often give Ryan their pity he has no sons, but Ryan replies perfectly with, "Oh, I'm happy with my girls!" He is seen here, sporting the necklace Divine made for him today as his gift. He happily reads them their stories each night or cleans the kitchen--gives me my preference. A father who loves his daughters and teaches them well, answering the most minute of questions with great detail. He is also a good son and grandson, treating his mother and grandmother with the utmost respect and care. Ryan is a hard worker, at his job, in the yard, in the house, and with his callings. I look forward each evening to see him walk in the house, as do D, P, O, and (yes, really) even A.

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  1. Love this family--Happy Father's Day, Ryan! Can't wait to see you and your five gals!


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