17 June 2007

Father of Me

Divine and Pearl are snacking on some homemade fruit leather made by their grandpa. He loves a good, treat, that's for sure. He is always sending me and the kids little notes with treats, letting us know what he is growing in the garden, what concoction he has come up with in the kitchen and his latest artwork. My mom says we both share the "mail love" gene. I get sad on holidays when I know the mail won't be coming. He has taught me many things: 1-to love the Lord 2-to work hard (the strawberry patch on the hill to name one!) 3-to enjoy God's creations (I know he secretly had a soft spot for my iguana) 4-not to be "lukewarm" about life. Thank you for these lessons, dad.


  1. Yes, that "mail gene" must be dominant. The kids and I also enjoy the little mini mail goodies--from seeds for planting to gum for chewing!

  2. Katy,
    Thanks for your kind words. It's easy being a dad to great kids like you and your siblings. And Ryan is such a good father to my cute granddaughters!
    Love you lots!


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