13 May 2007

Mothers, dear, I love you so...

I find it ironic that it wasn't until I was away from my mother, with my own kids, that my appreciation for my mother substantially grew. Why is it that we tend to appreciate people (and things) only when they are removed? Having four kids this Mother's Day to celebrate has been a bit surreal. Some days I wake up and am awed that I even HAVE kids. It's a slow process, yet simultaneously passes far too quickly. Claudette was bathing Azure in the sink the other day, and as the water was running, Azure's little hands tried to grab and hold that stream of water. She was enjoying the water so much and wanted to hold that enticing wet ribbon in her hands, grabbing at it faster and faster. I feel this is my life sometimes. It just keeps coming, no matter how I try to stop it and hold it still for the briefest moment. With each day I am able to be with my family, I recollect all those moments, noticed and not, when my mother sacrificed for everyone else. Sometimes it was her portion of dessert, and sometimes it was her alone time, interrupted by the need of this child or that. I, all too often, resist that charitable quality that seems to come to my mom so naturally. She never made it seem like a sacrifice at all, but treated it as a time to enjoy her children. Thank you, mom.

Being married, I now have another mom, with whom we've had visiting us to help with our move. We wore her to the bone, but reveled in having her with us to share her wisdom, her humor, and her hands. She truly cares for me as her own. I hear many "horror" stories of mothers-in-law with which I can in no way relate. I enjoy her company--we were able to go out one evening shopping, just the two of us--and had a marvelous time. I value her opinion and know she is honest with me. She raised a son who helps with dinner, dishes, bathing, diapering, cleaning, well, he pretty much helps with everything. She did an amazing job instilling in him qualities that have made him such a wonderful father and husband--really, the ultimate goal of raising a child--the least I could do is provide some granddaughters, right? Thank you for my husband. I love you.


  1. Dearest Katy,
    Oh how I wish I was the mother you are now! Mothering is a constant guilt trip if you let it so a pat on the back from one of your children now and then makes that guilt fade away. Thank you to a daughter that was so easy to mother!

  2. What a beautiful tribute. I must disagree with one part though, I don't see any resistance to "charitable sacrifice" in you. You have carried on that quality in your mothering, it is obvious--I can see that even from miles and miles away (but we're going to remedy that distance soon, I hope).

  3. Oh my dearest daughter, Katy. You are such a great example of the mother I wished I were, but as your own Mom said, we were on a constant quilt trip and traveling into the unknown completely unprepared for the depth of feeling each child brought.

    Thank you for letting me be part of your life, home and family. This is the best Mother's Day Gift ever...but the photo is still a desire.

    a recovered and revitalized gammy.


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