14 May 2007

La Bibliotheque

Look closely and you'll see two little hands and two little feet in this photo. That's Pearl. It has taken us far too long to finally explore our local library. I think I was more pleased than the kids to find those enormous books, the ones your elementary school librarian always read to you, available to the masses! We love the library around here. Read the same books over and over for a week, then you get to take them back and get all fresh ones. Plus, they have origami night here. Could it get any better?


  1. Nope, especially when bedtime stories become life-size!!

  2. Katy,
    Looks like your girl has more than her nose in this book! This picture is excellent. I'd like to crop it a tad and put it in black and white and it will tell a story all by itself.
    We also love the library and will look out for the BIG books. I haven't seen them yet. Our favorites are the stories with CD. E follows along listening intently. Better than tv, right?


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