22 May 2007

Miniature Model

Making clothes for little girls is a joy. First of all they love to try it on over and over, pins and all, which makes for an easy and great fit. Secondly, they get so excited to have something new to wear. This was Friday when I finished it, and Olive put it on, twirled 'round twice and wanted to go to church. She will often change her clothes on a whim, enter the room and ask, "What you think?" with a raised brow, knowing eye, and proceed to model her ensemble. She has been known to awake the next morning in a changed and mismatched outfit, but still in her crib....hmmmm. This dress has been entered in a sewing contest, and I'm hoping the cuteness of the mannequin will earn me extra points. What you think?


  1. Oh my sweet Katy....What you think? I think you are wonderful and my Onamental,original, outgoing and sometimes odoriferous Olive deserves ovations.

    Great to see the whole family coming aboard. Love you all so much. So glad Ryan was brought home from the hospital, even if a girl was desired.

    Just see what I now have.

  2. Katy, you know I'm always in love with your sewed sensations--especially the dresses. I think those shoes are too big for the mannequin and your grass blades are so thick!

  3. Katy! I didn't know you could sew! Right now you should be glad that we don't live close to each other else I would be knocking at your door with an armful of beautiful but outgrown baby girl dresses which my mom sends me from France. I would want you to duplicate them for me. I am in pursuit of a good and reasonably priced tailor and find that its more of an either-or situation in these parts. I need to go back to Ecuador for that, i suppose...
    I am envious of your talent, though not to the point of actually trying to learn how to do it myself.
    Nicely done, both on the dress and the child.

  4. My favorite style for little girls! I just love it!

    Is this the photo that you are entering in the contest or do you submit the dress alone? I agree with Jordan about the shoes, but you can always crop out the shoes, because the photo is so darling and the dress amazing!

  5. This isn't the photo I submitted and her shoes are actually on the wrong feet. The one I submitted has the shoes cropped and the dress down, but I thought she had a cute expression in this one!

  6. I love that the shoes don't fit...and we are always discovering wrong footed-feetwear here (mostly due to my oversight).

  7. I do LOVE the cute expression on your sweet little model. Do you by chance do custom orders? I would like to order some dresses from you if you are available...

  8. Of course, Ingrid! What did you have in mind?


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