23 May 2007

A Delicate Balance

Being a mother, or a parent, or a grandparent, we are plagued with the decision of when to restrain and when to push when it comes to our littles. Right now, while they are still so young, it is more in a literal, tangible sense. We use a little monkey backpack harness for Olive, as she has yet to develop her ability to obey. She tends to follow the beat of an entirely different sort. Hers is usually the restraining we have to do. On Mother's Day, Pearl was willing to go sing with the rest of the children, but Divine wouldn't budge. She dropped her head, and planted her feet. I had to push her to take Pearl up with her to sing. She came back with a sour face and the same droopy head and slumped shoulders. Was I right in making her do it? I know as they become older with more of an ability to discern possible outcomes from their decisions I'll have to lessen my restraining and pushing, but increase my SELF-restraint. I know there are those who guard their children's every move, and those who give free reign. I desire a happy medium. Have you found this balance?


  1. Katy,
    That is the question of the century for a parent. I know few parents that do it as well as you. Sometimes we need to push our children up to the stand to sing. It reminds them they are a part of a group and need to contribute! But of course sometimes they need to refrain from being a part of a group that is headed in the wrong direction. I love your picture! Can't wait to see those feet in person.

  2. Two feet--a favorite shot of my Wild Little and Soft-Heart Love.
    It is fun to reaad your thoughts about when we should gentle nudge and when we should push. Or when we sit back and snuggle while they make their way. I love you.

  3. No, I have not found this balance. Will I ever? Great picture.


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