08 April 2007

Her Name Sake

It's a good thing Olive loves these. And it's too bad she doesn't like pickles. Olive is named Olive for a reason. The olive branch symbolizes peace. At age two, she doesn't have very many peaceful moments, but she will. She is a very happy, confident child. I know she will be a peace maker among her sisters as the years go by. It also symbolizes hope and a promise fulfilled such as was the dove to Noah and his family it appeared with proof of land after 40 days. I know Olive will fulfill her premortal promise.

If Olive hears her sisters sneeze in the back seat of the car, she'll yell back to them, "Vine, you okay?" or "Pull, you okay?" She is full of a desire to nurture and love. It's amazing to see these "motherly" traits in a child as young as 2. Peace is more often than not a rarity today. We are blessed to have some of that precious commodity in our very own home.


  1. I love hearing about the symbolism in your girls' names. It is an endearing and wonderful thing that they can carry with them their whole lives. Besides they AND their names are so darn cute. I am absolutely loving these "more often" updates since you've started a blog. Thanks for that--it makes me feel not quite so far.

  2. Katy,

    This little beauty looks much like my favorite cousin Ryan. Hope you guys are well. You two (& your little ones) impress me.


  3. It's so fun to se you here, Stephanie! It's been too long since we've seen you all!

  4. Just what I need - another excuse to "waste" time on the computer. I enjoy seeing you guys. It's a lovely way to stay connected. Isn't technology wonderful. Thanks for taking the time (do you ever sleep) to keep those who care about you guys informed. Say "hi" to Ryan for me.


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