11 April 2007

Bread Night with Dad

I remember going on dates with each of my parents, reveling in the complete attention, a very foreign luxury, being number 3 of six. Ryan was able to take just Divine to "Standards Night" at school to make bread AND butter. Divine, a most clever girl, came home to ask if I had made "school-made" butter before. It couldn't be homemade since she was at school when she made it. I must admit that my pride surfaced as Ryan confided in me that she was the only child there that refrained from wimping out to ask him to finish making her butter. She would have been a great pioneer child...of course she's a fantastic 21st century child, too.


  1. What a great activity!! And brilliant girl.

  2. standards night at school? what a great idea. i was under the impression that standards and school didn't belong in the same sentence anymore unless we are talking standardized testing.

    so i set up my first blog site.
    come visit me from time to time.

  3. What a beautiful girl!

  4. It is so enjoyable to be alone with just one parent. I love Divine's bangs--she looks too old! Can you believe she is Ben's age when we moved to Utah. Time will fly!
    Love you,


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