20 March 2007

Welcome Home, Ann!

We had the privilege of feeding Ann her first home made meal back in the States yesterday. It was delightful to see her in flesh and, even after a day of traveling, she was willing to play doggie with Pearl and allow Divine to do her hair. I asked her if her mission was harder than she thought--the answer, a great sigh and exhausted "YES". However, she would do it all again knowing how hard it was going to be, because the life changing events (in hers and those she touched) more than made up for the hard work, rejection, walking all day, and strange food she endured. She will be greatly missed in Ecuador. We are so grateful she is safe and will have these memories to take with her throughout her life. Welcome Home, Ann!

**She has gone from being too timid to ask for more condiment packets at a restaurant to hard bargaining (in a foreign language!) with cab drivers trying to over charge this cute blonde American--our tough little Ann!

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  1. I am jealous you go to house the "newly returned" for a day. I am so anxious to see Ann, and chat with her about her experiences in Quito. I'm sure she will have some intense adjusting in the next months. Glad you got to feed her the first "home" cooked meal.


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