18 March 2007

Feed the Birds

Isn't feeding ducks at a pond the quintessence of childhood? Or at least very close to it? Actually the seagulls caught on before the ducks did and began swooping down to catch the bread before it hit the water. The girls loved it, Divine more concentrated on nourishing nature than retaining modesty. I sometimes find myself thinking, "Will my kids even remember this if I put effort into something fun for them?" The answer, at least at this age, is probably not. But, I've decided that it isn't so much the details of their childhood that are important (for which I should be grateful, as I have had many moments I pray they will not remember), but it is the general feeling about their childhood that is so critical. I had a wonderful childhood. I remember making "soup" in the backyard out of water and herbs my dad grew--usually chives and parsley--thinking it was the most incredible creation. One day Ashley made me a crown and scepter covered in tin foil. Each Friday during the summer months my mom would take us to the library, to get a movie and two boxes of lemon heads or boston baked beans. We would have popcorn each Sunday (something that still goes on) and every once in a while be able to have a "sleep-over" downstairs. I pray my children will remember, if not the minutia, at least that they grew up happy.


  1. I was just telling Craig about movie/library/treat Friday's! A tradition to take with you. Olive and the monkey on her back seem to be inseparable (I've seen them in many pictures together). Lovely afternoon. Great photos--and Ryan's debut on the blog!!

  2. I love special little traditions that children will remember in years to come. What a peaceful, relaxing afternoon...


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