16 March 2007

See Ya Later Alligator

Doesn't he look happy basking in the sun? Makes you wish you were an alligator. We went to our local alligator farm to visit these fellas with grandpa this past week. Once you see the first 40, though, it gets a bit monotonous--except for the two CREEPY looking albino alligators...like I said CREEPY! It was fun to be with my dad, though. The girls love their GROMMA and GROMPA! Just wish we were a bit closer. We also visited the old fort in St Augustine (the oldest city in the United States) and saw the shooting of 8 slices of bread out of an old cannon. We stood on the edge of the moat looking down into the ocean, watching lazy jelly fish floating around. It's certainly a change of scenery from Texas, but like the alligator, we're basking in the warmth (and novelty) of Florida.


  1. Oh how I love Florida! Glad to see that you are embracing the rich tradition of Florida culture!!! We may not have mountains or snow, but we sure make up for it with gorgeous white beaches and exotic gators!

  2. We loved going to the parks in LA and spotting little gators lounging about. It certainly is a departure from everyday nature walks and a novelty indeed. So glad Grompa got to tag along. I'm thinking of them now, without us, in Ecuador and yes, feeling a bit jealous.

    Great photos!


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