15 March 2007

Pearl Turns 4!

Yes, I am THE mother of Pearl. Ryan and I wanted symbolic names for each of our children. For Pearl we want her to remember that she is a Pearl of Great Price to us and her Heavenly parents with great worth. We also hope she realizes that she can turn a trial into something precious and exquisite. Pearl will hopefully be able to feel a kindred spirit to ancestors as she is named after her great-great grandmother, Pearl Estella, also known as Mom Burch. I only knew Mom Burch in her late years when she was not really herself anymore, but her legend of strength will never fade. Her life was wrought with adversity, but she proved her ability to stand steadfast. My Pearl is also a strong individual. She really contemplates life and the future. We had hot dogs today at Costco. She wanted a whole one, but finally settled with her allotted half. She took the hot dog in her little hands and turned to me, "When I'm the mommy and we come to Costco, I'm going to let my kids have a WHOLE hot dog." I told her I was glad, and that her kids would be so happy. Then I told her she was hilarious. "What does hilarious mean?" she asked. She has the ingredients to conquer--she IS hilarious, happy, with a tenacious will. I love my Pearl E.


  1. Happy Birthday sweet sweet beautiful Pearl!! I feel and affinity for you as the second daughter in the family...a great place to be, I think. I can't believe your four.

    Katy, did you get a new kitchen table and chairs?? I like.

  2. I like the table and chairs too. Happy Birthday, Pearl! Is Pearl your oldest? I would love to know the history behind all of your children's name selections. I am a big fan of family names and strong meaningful names, so I love that you used a very symbolic name for her.

    Have you connected with the Fryes yet? Just curious... They are so fun!

  3. The table and chairs are furnishings of the corporate apartment we're in---I can't wait to show you our "new" used table we got before we moved. I just have to find some chairs to go along.

    I met up with Karla at the library story time, but we've decided we need to get together with less chaos surrounding us. She speaks very highly of you, Ingrid.

    As for the rest of our girls, I'll try to do some name blogs for them. I'd love to hear about your kids names.


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