21 March 2007

Saying Yes

Are there things you vowed never to do when you became a mom? Funny how preconceptions vanish upon actual motherhood metamorphosis. Yes, I allow my children to pour CHOCOLATE SYRUP on their morning cereal. I rationalize it by making a rule that they drink their milk IF they succumb to this particular indulgence. I must, however, let my audience (if anyone reads this) know that we simply have Rice Krispies, plain Cheerios, or rice Chex. Talking with my parents while they were here, their advice on raising children who won't rebel in their later years, is to say YES whenever possible. So, I find myself taking a moment to think about my answers when each of my girls makes an inquiry. "Is this a battle or the war?"

What do you say YES to?


  1. I am finding more and more that everybody's life is more liveable when we say "yes"...and most things, most things are okay to indulge. Love little disheveled Olive.

  2. I agree with your parent's "yes" philosophy. We too have rice krispies, cheerios, and rice chex over here for the kiddos! How funny!!! We have not started a chocolate sauce ritual yet...

  3. I say yes to cups of ice, couch cushion forts, parmesan cheese on everything, yogurt dipping, and backwards underwear (so they can "see the picture")

  4. Ingrid, you're such a good "comment leaver", why don't you have a blog?

    Jordan, our couch doesn't have removable cushions, so they are having a blast having one here that does. (Except I caught Pearl standing on a cushion that was ON Olive--Olive squealed, but when released let out a laugh.)

  5. Katy,
    I honestly don't know why I don't have a blog...perhaps fear of the cyber world. I will admit, it certainly looks like great fun to have a blog! Jordan has really started something here - look at all the ladies she has inspired! Maybe when our newest little bundle arrives, my blog will make its debut...

  6. I will wait on pins and needles AND hold my breath!

  7. katy,
    i, too, find myself saying yes to a surprising (and humbling) number of things. turns out, kids like to do things big people do not appreciate. i whine because i have to live with these small people who want wierd things, but then again, they have to live with me, who doesn't seem to want to do anything fun.
    and it seems my great interest in little luxuries is hereditary. kids like stuff too. things i say yes to: new movies, popsicles, the occasional gumball and warm towels and underwear after a bath.
    inspiring advice from your parents, the saying yes concept. i like yeses and i prefer to be with people who say yes alot.


    ps. am going to start a blog. have read snippets of your sisters and enjoy it immensely. (thanks jordan, whom i have never met)


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