24 March 2007

My Prince

This is my Prince and best friend. I'm afraid I take him for granted all too often. I believe the key to a long AND happy marriage is not to do this. So, I am publicly proclaiming my appreciation to this wonderful man.

He regularly fixes his 5 girls breakfast on the weekends as well as blessing us with baked goods throughout the week.

He kisses me good-bye every morning, though everyone is still in bed and usually asleep when he departs.

He supports my creative passions.

He'll do a few loads of laundry if he notices I'm getting behind.

He encourages me to take care of myself.

He compliments my cooking and is the best left-over eater around.

He has a sharp mind.

He loves to watch a tasteful "chick flick" with me.

We love to laugh together.

He loves to do scenarios which usually prompts the previous.

I do so love him.


  1. What a guy!! And I believe his strongest trait was choosing to marry you!! wonderful.

  2. Yes, what a guy indeed! We really ought to plan a meeting for our families sometime soon in Jacksonville...


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