20 July 2016

Mermaid Mania!

Summer here isn't the same as summer everywhere else.  There are pretty much only 2 options: you're in air conditioning or in the water.  There's only so much you can do inside and the kids start to get bored going to the pool, despite all the pool toys we've tried out.
When I heard about Suntails, I knew that they would take our summer to a whole new level of fun and imagination.  My girls, even my older ones, love to fantasize that they're part of the under water world, and these go right along with their imaginative play.
I know there are a whole bunch of different kinds of mermaid tails out there, but I have been impressed with these.  The actual fins (monofin) are super high quality, no made of cheap plastic the second your child tries to jump around in them.  They are flexible and will withstand some decent playtime and rugged swimming. ;)
There are two different sizes, some for the littler kids (Drummer even wanted one--and I've heard rumors of a more manly merman model coming out!) and the larger ones for my older girls and...yes, I even got one for myself (orange, of course!)
You really do feel like a mermaid when you have them on! You can choose from their colors of fins as well as the mermaid skins that go over the fin, so everyone can get exactly what their little hearts desire. You could even get a change of skins to transform your mermaid to a different color if you want.
We drew a crowd from the condominium building, people coming out on their decks to watch my little mermaids slap their tails against the water and glide back and forth. It's really a lot of fun.
AND! Suntail mermaids is offering a 15% discount code to my readers! NOBIGDILL15 will get you that 15% off all your orders until the end of August. Spice up your summer, or, rather cool it down with a Suntail Mermaid Fin!


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