05 May 2016

Not a Sham, Lots of Shams!

This is a really big, deep couch.  I feel like a little girl when I sit all the way back, my feet dangle, and it's hard to take someone seriously when their feet don't touch the ground.  I loaded it like a baked potato, except I used rainbowtized pillows instead of broccoli and cheese. I used my easy pillow sham tutorial here, but you can also make them with snaps or velcro so you don't even have to do buttonholes!  I love how a fresh set of pillow shams makes you feel like you gave the whole room a makeover for the price of nothing, well, if you have a stash of fabric like one ought to. ;)  I am really trying to simplify and get rid of the detritus of life.  I know I recently posted about less toys and "things" for our kids, but doing this "no new clothes" for a year has really opened my eyes. I'll post an update of how that's going soon.  In the meantime, I second guess every purchase I make.  Do I really need this?  Do I already have something that I can use?  Will I still love this next week, month, year?  I find that I'm able to talk myself out of a lot of things, ha!  How do you declutter most effectively?


  1. Love your shams! For us, decluttering has been a very long and slow process. But the first step was to stop bringing things in. We're a lot more selective now about what comes into our home - an easy thing for my husband and I, not so easy for Littles and Middles who still want All The Things. We try to choose quality over quantity. Can 2 things be replaced with one? Do you really wear all those shirts? We're still trying to find a graceful way to deal with things given to the children by well meaning friends and relatives. When you multiply the children by the birthdays and then by the friends and grandparents, the things coming in can sometimes be the hardest to control.

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  3. I love the painting of the lighthouse in the background! If you painted it yourself, kudos! If you found it somewhere and bought it, kudos! :)


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