23 April 2016

Art + Kids

Do you ever feel like you should be more creative with your kids, help promote thinking outside the box in their little brains?  Forget googling and wading through "kid-friendly art activities" links, or checking out a million pins on pinterest.
My sister-in-law, Krisanne, used to teach art classes in an art museum to little kids!! Perfect, right? I'm pretty sure she even had waiting lists for her classes because both parents and their children wanted in.
Lucky for us, she posts these fun ideas on instagram: @makingtable.  I love it because it's a quick, simple way to get ideas.  She also gives suggestions like, "Target has chalkboard paper in their dollar section right now!"
So, of course, I go to Target and get my little people some chalkboard paper!
Check out these self-portrait collages of her two boys.  Aren't they fantastic?! I love every single element they chose to include.  Sometimes she does the art with Ezra, and sometimes she just sets the supplies out for him to go at it. The great thing is, they're fun for all ages.  Even kids-at-heart types of people. ;)
Sometimes there are themes, such as focusing on a type of art, or the style of a particular artist (see, she does the teaching!) and sometimes there is free reign.  I loved how she described this one, "Ezra is taking a walk with his paintbrush. He "hops" "walks backwards" "walks in circles" and "runs" with his paintbrush."
Go check it out (@makingtable on instagram) and I wouldn't be surprised one bit if you accidentally "get lost" in her posts. Also, it's okay if you bust out the art supplies without your kids.  I won't tell. ;)


  1. This is so awesome! I went straight over to follow her! So inspiring! Her Instagram tag is makingtable, instead of themakingtable. But very cool. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Oh, thanks for the heads up! You will LOVE it!


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