03 August 2015

Birthday Giveaway Winners!

I just came inside from adding another super (box) to one of my hives.  I was stung.  Four times on my left leg.  I don't know what they have against my left leg, but OUCH!  I guess it serves me right for waiting until dawn and avoiding the task of picking winners for all the giveaways!  But here we go, ready or not!

Gina, you get to go shopping at the Ruffle Fabric shop! Hooray! (mrsdaniels)

Ohio Girl will be getting $50 to spend at Imagine Gnats fabric shop!(bearpaws9)

Nickel...will be cutting and filing on a dime with a cute pocket knife from Blade HQ! (Cathy555)

Hayley Burns will be spending $50 at Piggy & Dirt on stained glass stars!(possumsdaughter)

Jess will be swaddling some little feet with a pair of Mon Petit Shoes for her baby #5!  (crannberri7)

June will be healing and soothing with a jar of Mom's Stuff! (jvarricchione)

RedMittens will be steaming up a storm with a new iron from Reliable!(mbhunt)

And last, but not least, the winner of the beautiful Rachel Baby Lock sewing machine is Kandyce Pinckney!(kandyce.pinckney)

Whew!  I've had such a fun week sharing some of my favorites with you.  Thanks for indulging a birthday girl. ;)


  1. I just can't believe it! This iron will change my life and my husband will look even CUTER in his non-stained-with-rusty-iron-water shirts! Thanks you KatyDill!

  2. Thanks for giving everyone this chance, Katy!

  3. Ouch - those darn bees! They should know better!!!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win ... maybe next time I'll be one of the lucky ones!!!

  4. Thanks for the chance to win this... My favorite thing to sew are curtains!


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