17 April 2015

Rainbowtized Planters for the Family

The previous owner of this house loved to garden, winning several "Garden of the Month" awards from our tiny city.  We have an acre of land and have found all sorts of gardening treasures, some half buried and broken, some just in need of a little TLC. And spray paint. Of course.
There was a giant stack of these old, faded green planters that I thought I'd spruce up, rainbowtize and give one to each of the kids in which to garden.  
I set them along the railing, and as we enter and exit each day, we inspect (and sometimes compare) the little sprouts. I think that's the key, to have them somewhere we see daily. Olive is winning with her giant cucumber sprouts, Divine's purple flowers have yet to make an appearance, and everyone else's are somewhere in between.  Clover jumps for joy (literally) and claps her hands each time she sees something new happening in her little square foot plot.  We had to learn that plants can actually get too much water sometimes. ;)
Check back in a month or two and we may just have watermelons growing on our porch!


  1. Fabulous! Is that a matching rainbow flower display that I can see on the other side of the porch?

  2. Gardening is great!!! Loving the rainbowtized planters!!

  3. So happy to see that you are back! The planters look like great fun!!


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