14 April 2015

I Wish My Life Had A Soundtrack

I lay awake at nights, thinking of all the posts I ought to do, posts I want to do, believe you me, there are lots, yet this space has been sitting quiet.  I've vowed that will change (because it's National Serging Month, did you know there was such a thing?!) and to start things off, or rather REstart things off, I wanted needed to share this video with you.  My brother-in-law, Craig, summarized all the fun we had at our family reunion last year with his GoPro video camera.  It makes me want to get one! (Notice he jumps in the water with it!)  I'm glad he added a soundtrack so you can't hear me singing...



  1. Looks like a great time had by all! The soundtrack was awesome!

    I'm SOOOOOOO glad you're back, Miss Katy! I've missed your wise words of wisdom and your kids and your creativity and - YOU!

  2. This looks like the funnest family reunion ever! I loved seeing all the pictures from it on Instagram, but this is even better! One day I hope I'm half as cool a mother as your mom is. ^_^

  3. So fun! I love that when everyone's children are mixed together, you can't tell they have different parents! Miss you all!

  4. Hey, Katy, it's good to hear from you again! :) Seems you had fun, guys. :)


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