18 December 2014

Homemade Vanilla Extract

Do you need a last minute gift for your favorite foodie?!  Something homemade, but that doesn't take months to knit: Vanilla Extract! 
As simple as it is, it's super satisfying to use vanilla extract that has actual vanilla beans floating around.
We like to buy a vodka bottle that is simple and can be used for the extract (just remove the label).  Simply slit 5 (plus or minus a few) vanilla beans on one side so the vanilla seeds can seep out into the vodka.
No matter how many times I use a vanilla bean, I am still fascinated by the amount of seeds they contain, all the while breathing deeply that scent that is never recreated exactly.
Over time the infusion (and color saturation) gets stronger.  We refill our bottle with new vodka and more vanilla beans as we use it over time and just keep it going like a marathon.  You could even engrave it for a more personalized touch.
Tie a tidy bow and hand it over to a very happy (spoiled) foodie! ;)


  1. Vodka? Seriously? I never would have guessed. I immediately forwarded this post to my foodie husband.

  2. When we were living in Israel we did this because vanilla extract is so expensive there (and vanilla beans are so cheap!)

  3. What size bottle do you use? If you a smaller gift, say an 8 ounce bottle how much vanilla would you use? Thanks!!

  4. Are you serious, that's it?? I could actually do that!

  5. I keep trying to comment that I really love your ring, but I'm not sure I've properly coordinated my typing & button-clicking yet. All the best, and sorry if you get this message in triplicate!

  6. I gave this as a gift to a few people last year. It was so good! When researching how to do it I read that it works well with burbon as well so I have the ingredients sitting, waiting for me to get around to putting it together. I'm hoping it tastes a lot better than the plain burbon. Didn't realize until I got it home that burbon is a type of whiskey, which I dislike.

  7. Thank you for the great idea! The gifts were well received. Amaizing how dark it turns after a couple days.

  8. wonderful idea. DId it at the last minute. Cute little bottles with chalkboard labels added and an extra one for me. Went well with the bottled pickles and pepper jelly. Not for eating, but as a home made foodie gift. :}
    Thanks for sharing. Cheers


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