10 December 2014

Christ Themed Advent

Maybe it's because we lived in all-carpeted apartments and houses every time I was pregnant that I can't stand the smell of vacuums.  I admit to splurging on those scented vacuum bags to help mask the smell.  But that's when December comes into the picture.  We get our Christmas tree and all pine needles must be vacuumed.  Give that tree a hard shake before putting on the lights and trimming it with baubles and bells, then suck all the needles to make vacuuming happen more than frequently enough until it's time to change the bag again. ;)
This year we've started something new, a grand thanks to my mom.  She gathered 25 varying pieces of artwork to depict the life of Christ and printed corresponding scriptures on the back.  Instead of our regular scripture study, we take turns each morning reading one while holding a battery operated candle.  It's so wonderful to read about His life in such a condensed period of time, nudging my mind to think on Him more. I am hoping my mom makes these available for purchase next year because they are the very best type of count down to the celebration of Christ's birth.  I'll let you know when she does....;)
I came across this quote in a book I'm reading that really felt good: I am suspect of tidy history and squeaky clean people.  I believe Jesus Christ was perfect--not because He never got mad or always made everyone feel good.  He didn't.  He was perfect because He was the most grown up grown-up who has ever lived.  His responses to people and situations were consistently mature, principled, and selfless. -Neylan McBaine
He acknowledged that we all falter and make mistakes and lovingly encouraged us to be better.  It's hard for me to admit that the only person I can change is myself, because it hearts my heart to watch my children choose wrongly, but just as Christ allows us to make mistakes, he also made it possible to fix those mistakes, which is what I hope my kids will learn.  Nobody is a hopeless case.  There is hope enough to go around. :)


  1. Have you ever done a Jesse tree advent. We did when the kids were small. There are set verses, some harder to understand than others, that take you from creation to the cross over advent. We put a slip of paper in a can with the date on and the paper would include a bible verse and activity, there would also be a painted tree ornament to hang on the tree for each day. We also put chocolates for the kids in the tin too. One of the stories was the Tower of Babel, so we had the kids build the tallest tower they could with Lego. Great way to a Christ centred Christmas

  2. I'd love to see your mom make this available in her shop. Every year I'm on the look out for a great Christ centered advent. The last few years I've pulled things from several different sources to make our families. It would be wonderful to have a great one all in one place.

  3. I really hope she makes them available too! This year we bought a nativity set that the kids can play with that we are using as our advent calendar, along with a suitable scripture, which we're all really enjoying. But we can't really repeat that next year, so we're already thinking of what we can do for future Christ-oriented advent calendars.

  4. i don't think my request posted so i'm going to embarrass myself again (if it did, please delete one of these):

    this is an amazing advent presentation (i don't usually like advent calendars b/c of the *prizes* and candy associated with them) but ... begging and whining here: would your mom post the images so that we may d/l and print them this year? it would be wonderful to utilize it NOW rather than wait a year ... my hubbs and i live with five grandchildren and mom and dad and we sure could use this spiritual boost (long story, veeerrrry loooonggg story) ....

    it would be great if she would do that for us impatient and begging and whining people ....

    you may banish me from your blog for begging and whining, but i'm gunna read it any way ....

    merry christmas .... darlene

  5. I love this advent tradition! So beautiful. And thanks for sharing the quote and your perspective. it's always so loving and wise.


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