16 October 2014

Make Lemonade!

Have you heard Alex Boyé's Lemonade song?  He sang it for us at the SNAP! conference over the summer and now I play it in the morning on the way to school for the girls and they sing along.  It would have been perfect for our school theme "Make Lemonade" a couple years ago! :)  Anyway, just thought I'd share this cheerful song. Drummer thinks he's saying his name at the little rapping part. Haha! ;) Have a great Thursday!  (Also, I totally could have been in his video with my white fedora ;)


  1. We love Alex Boye'! Owen requests "song!" and we end up watching his music videos for a half hour :) Happy music does a soul good ☀️

  2. that is so fun! I hadn't heard that song before. Thanks for sharing. It made me smile tonight.


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