26 July 2014

Kaftan Coverup Critique

One of the best things about sewing is that nobody has the same article of clothing anywhere.  I recently bought a cheap little coverup because I was lazy.  It was a week later when I saw someone else wearing the same thing.  Really, it's not that big of a deal, but I wanted to burn my cheap coverup and crawl into a hole.  It was probably the same week when Toni, of Make it Perfect, asked if I would review her Shearwater Kaftan pattern.

Perfect timing!  And she also a children's version, to which Olive was the recipient.
I didn't make any adjustments other than two small ones.  I thought it might be fun to have a little color peeking out from the facing. THEN I thought it would be even better if the facing was on the front. Now you know how I work.  I just make things up as a I go along, usually without a specific plan. ;) I modified the shape of the facing to mimic the pattern of my fabric (a batik which I think came from fabric.com) and added a bit of interfacing.
Mark the center where you will be sewing and pin the RIGHT side of the facing to the WRONG side of the fabric.  When I flipped it to the right side after sewing, I liked how the facing pulled a bit of the shirt fabric to look like piping, so I left it that way.
To finish it off, I did a satin stitch.  To finish it even more, I did a triple stitch (not shown here, but it's the stitch where the machine takes two stitches forward and then to backward and two forward again).  I also added some bands to the sleeves because I have monkey arms and they were too short. The fit is very generous and SO comfortable.
Olive's favorite color is yellow, so I did her facing in a bright yellow, the batik fabric also came from fabric.com.
They would also be cute with jeans or leggings (or jeggings! ;)  Or you could lengthen it for a fun summer dress.
Toni has all sorts of patterns that you'll want to check out. Oh.  And today I'm halfway to 70 years old. I bought myself a cheap hat, expensive perfume and a fake leather skirt. Wahoo!


  1. cute and a clever idea, this colored facing ! I wish you a very happy birthday - as I too am celebrating mine today ! (except that I'm too years older ...)

  2. so cute! i'm going to make one to wear with jeans~ thanks for sharing!

  3. Love the pop of color! Happy birthday!

  4. Happy birthday Katy! Love your take on the kaftan!!!

  5. Love the pop of color! Beautiful as always. Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy belated birthday! You are beautiful and talented and pure in heart! XOXO

  7. You are amazing - I know you must hear that all the time but truly, you are! I'm a long-time stalker, but usually only get to check in once a month or so. I've just finished reading through what I had missed - so happy your sister's kids will be okay - I'm sure they've had multiple blessings and what a great sister you are - and what a great family you have! Thanks for the inspiration - you never let me down!


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