07 May 2014

Red Balloons For Ryan

I truly believe that the errand of angels is given to women.
I love being a woman.  We are strong.  
We rally.  We rally when there is something to be celebrated: new life, new relationships, new milestones.
We also rally when someone experiences loss.  And they have.  Jacqui of Baby Boy Bakery and her husband, Dan, tragically lost their little boy this week.  A sweet red-head who only had 3 and half short years on this earth. (You can read the story on Diary of an Addict.)  I whole-heartedly believe that little Ryan is in the arms of God and loved ones until they can be reunited again.
I can't even imagine the heartache they are going through as parents.  I'm not sure anyone can unless they've gone through the same horrendous experience.  And I am left to wonder what we, as women, can do to ease her pain and suffering.  
Prayer, I think is the very best we can do.  Sharing her story through social media so that the prayers of thousands, even millions will help carry this family in their time of sorrow.
If you search the hashtag #RedBalloonsForRyan on instagram you can see all those who are sharing and supporting as well as opportunities to raise money for Jacqui and her family.  Check out the amazing @kellysrq on instagram to find a link in her profile for a way to donate money.
"Last night, I put [him] over my shoulder like a newborn and watched the half-moon out the window while we creaked back and forth in the rhythm that all women know from secrets whispered to their genes at the time of their conception.  I was thinking, I am a female person with freckles scattered across the back of my hands, living under a sky that changes at random, I can only look up.  Everything stops there, with my trusting that the asking is going somewhere." -Elizabeth Berg


  1. Hold your children tight. I cannot believe how big Drummer is. Beautiful pictures and beautiful sentiments.

  2. Our ward just lost a 12-year-old. We're very sad, but the rallying of church and community has been amazing. Keep praying!

  3. Beautiful post and tribute to this dear family. I've been so heartbroken since I heard about little Ryan's death. It definitely makes you want to draw your children closer, hug them tighter and thank Heavenly Father for each day that we have with them. BTW, I think you know my sis-n-law, Katherine Bishop...she talks so highly of you. I've enjoyed following along and reading your blog. You truly are one talented wife and mama!

    many blessings,

  4. I am petrified, I cannot stand children suffering since I became a mother, is something beyond me. My heart is with Ryan's family....

  5. My heart goes out to Ryan's family. Thank you for sharing the photos of Drummer. He is growing so fast. You have such a wonderful eye for detail in your photos. Your photos really set the mood, especially ending with the empty chair. Your photos evoked just as much emotion as the sad news about Ryan and his family. You have a gift! And beautiful children. :)


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