12 March 2014

Sew All 26: W ||La Inglesita||

So excited to share my first W week guest.  Her details are wonderful.
María from La Inglesita is sharing her project that you won't want to miss over on her delightful blog today (she rainbowtizes, too).  She has subtle cleverness from top to bottom, inside to out on what she's created.  I'd like a set for Drummer.  Go check it out!


  1. María is just great. She inspires so many people to start sewing! I love her sense of color and detail, and these pajamas are just an example of what she can offer.

  2. I agree with miren, maria is a very dear and followed person in Spain, many people have started to sew and write our own blog thanks to her, She has great ideas and a unique grace

  3. Do you read Spanish, Katy? María's tribute to you is so sweet...


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