27 February 2014

My Nail Secrets: unWrapped

I have found a new obsession.  Not that I needed another one. I usually have a sufficient amount that already need my tending, but this one I thought I'd share, since I've gotten some questions.  
Confessions: I have never had a manicure.  I've had a handful, er, footful of pedicures, but I would rather spend money on fabric, or fabric.  But a while ago I found some nail wraps at the store that had a checkerboard design I couldn't resist. Then I found a black and white houndstooth pattern.  Also irresistible. I thought that was the end of my nail wrap repertoire when my friend, who is a consultant, opened up countless possibilities.   
She introduced me to Jamberry Nails.  I didn't have to look twice, I told her I wanted to order the above 4 (it's buy 3, get one free) and before I knew it, I was in black and white heaven.  I asked her how they were different than the ones I had been using and she said these are vinyl, not actual nail polish, so they last longer and don't chip like the nail polish wraps do.  They're also comparable in price, actually less expensive if you buy 3 and get the 4th free, around $11.50 per set.
So I took them for a test ride.

① clean your nails with rubbing alcohol and push back cuticles.
② peel corresponding size nail strip from sheet.
③ heat with a blow dryer for 3-4 seconds to warm adhesive and apply to nail
④ trim excess and file the edge to a smooth finish

My nail tips: I found it easier to apply the nail wrap then heat it with the blow dryer.  I just held it between my knees so I could use both hands.  I also ditched the scissors and just filed the remainder off with a nail file.  Another thing I found was that I could cut each strip in half since my nails aren't very long and get two usages out of them.  You can't do this on the nail polish strips from the store because once you open the package and expose them to air, you have to use them immediately.  The vinyl ones don't have to be used up in one application. The sheet above is what I had left after I finished!  One more useful tip is to save your thumbs and pointer fingers for the last applications since you will use them to apply the rest.
I haven't worn them long enough to remove, so I don't have experience on that, but you can either use nail polish remover or heat them up again and peel them off. I had a blast browsing through all the different patterns.  Ombré, glitter, every holiday you can imagine.  They even have smaller sizes for your little girls.  Her next spa birthday party?  The sizes also range from large enough for your toes to your pinky finger.
I could have walked around the house all day taking photos of my matching manicure to the Magnolia Manor.  But that would have just been madness. ;)
My friend, Megan, has opened up a "party" in my name if you'd like to order some for yourself.  Or a friend.  Or an enemy who you'd like as a friend! ;) Those who order within the first three days will also be entered into a giveaway for an exclusive wrap that isn't even for sale:
KAPOW!  Fantastic, right?!  If you're interested in hosting a party or setting up to be a consultant yourself, you can contact Megan about it, an make a little money on the side.  To order, go to Megan's Jamberry link here, and when you check out, there is an option to join the party under my name: No Big Dill Katy.  Fun!

Disclosure: I was not monetarily reimbursed for this review.  While those who host a "party" will receive free nail sets, I just really wanted to share something fun that I enjoy with you!


  1. Thanks Katy! I am glad you love Jamberry as much as I do! I need to send you a mini heater, it makes application a dream.

  2. Wow! I have used the Sally Hansen ones and I have been impressed but I will have to search these out. Love the black and white. Cant get enough of black and white

  3. Beautiful I love it! would love to have you feature one day :)

    Catherine Vargas
    Vintage Girls

  4. Hi Katy, I followed the link and couldn't figure out how to sign on to your party. Do you have anymore details?

    1. When you check out there should be an option to join a party and just choose no big dill Katy

  5. I have used these and they last a long time...my only complain is they damaged my nails as they came off...and I never could get the tips to adhere right...any tips on that?


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