31 January 2014

Sew All 26: Q

Every once in a while I look at one of my kids, discovering or just closely examining a trait they've somehow happened upon, and wonder where in the world they got it.
Not that it's undesirable, per se, just that I know they are my child because I was there when they were born, but couldn't have possibly imagined an offspring of mine to possess a quality that is so foreign to me.  I look at them with stupefaction, perhaps with my mouth open like a codfish, as M. Poppins would say.
That's how I'd sum up this outfit.  I made it within a 24 hour period, interrupting my "P" project I'm trying to complete, and when I put it all together, I raised my brow, stumped.  I know I made it because I was there every stitch and snip of the way, but it just didn't seem like something of me.
Azure's first response was, "It's adorable!!" Which makes it just right, then.  Deets: I used patterns for both the turtleneck and the jumper from my Japanese pattern books.  I think my favorite part is how I had THE (yes, I just bolded-italicized-underlined it) exact shade of greyish-greenish-blue bias for the back pocket.  I think it's of the vintage variety, but unknown origin. 
 I'm also pretty partial to the slant on the front pockets.
They're perfect Azure hand size.
I am almost beside-myself-excited about my "P" project that I'll be posting tomorrow, barring any major catastrophes. I'll be on schedule, finally, and I apologize for those following along trying to link up your posts. R week is next week if you'd like to just jump in and join! 'Til tomorrow!

ps that top photo? It happened to be the one I wanted for my "sticker" photo but it has my beehive covered in a moving blanket and garbage sack, trying to keep my bees warm. They're not liking this chill! This morning on our photo shoot I found lying on the porch: a katydied ;).  Hoping that's not a bad omen.  


  1. It's beautiful! Do you have a source on that great knit?

    1. It was a remnant from a clothing manufacturer. I could send you a bit if you'd like!

  2. That outfit is absolutely adorable! Your beautiful daughter wears it well.
    Gah. Cuteness overload!
    I love it.

  3. lovely!!! what a beautiful jumper! Emily

  4. I think this is fabulous! I have a soft spot for these quilted prints. I've thought about redoing some long A-line skirts my mom and I had to match when I was a little girl. I know what you mean about sewing some things and then thinking "that's not really ME" but this outfit has your amazing quality and artistic touches. And so fun she loves it!

    1. Anneliese, you're so sweet. Thank you and giving something a new life is even better!

  5. Azure is totally adorable and so is her outfit! I love the two fabrics together and nothing better
    than having just the perfect shade of bias trim!


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