27 November 2013

Sew All 26: L

I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!  Which is perfect, because it is (well, was) L week!
So, as it turns out, L is also for lapin, which is French for rabbit.  Petit Lapin is written all over this delectable linen, and I thought I'd throw it in there since it fit the theme.  It was Clover's turn for a new frock, so I pulled out my old Sugar City Village Frock pattern so she could be properly dressed for the mad hatter tea party ;)

When she tried it on, she asked if I could add a pocket.  One of the simpler requests that I happily granted. I made it to fit a little library of books Clover got last year.  Then, she asked why there wasn't anything attached to the pocket that went inside. She asked if I could sew a ribbon to the book.  She was rather heartbroken when I tried to explain that I can't sew through a book.
That didn't stop me from sewing a book, though.  I made a miniature book coat using the same tutorial as my big one from last year here,
I just shrunk it, because miniature is better around here.  I sewed my own tiny book together (cut up some paper with a cardstock outer page and stitched down the middle and folded in half), and was surprised how many pages my sewing machine could handle.  She's tough.  And look at me thinking ahead, we can actually take it out when Clover fills up the pages, or when the dress needs to be washed. (Pat on back).  I really can be practical.  On rare occasions.
She also wanted more hearts than were already on the fabric, so I played with the embroidery options on my machine for the neck and arm bias (don't tell Clover, but I found 3 different heart-themed patterns, and that wasn't even looking through everything!) I thought this one was curly-cued just like the key.
And, yes, I do feel a bit spoiled that the weather is still amicable to a little linen frock.
(Clover's Book) and then she drew a little clover.
The fabric was a procurement from our trip to Japan a few years ago and the buttons are glass, all with a different gold pattern on each.  And I've got two extras, you know, because they're glass and she's 5.
Bibbity bobbity....
oh, wrong fairy tale.
Happy belated L week!  And for those sewing along, I scheduled M week for next week since Thanksgiving doesn't even start with M.  ;)


  1. I waaaas waiting for this! Yay! And your L sewing is just stunning! I want that book!!

  2. I am really loving this dress. There are so many great details that sets it apart& the book is such a sweet idea. You are a pretty awesome momma!


  3. OHHHHH my stars. I could just bathe in this fabric, I love it so much. The embroidery is the sweetest touch. Thank you for sharing all your creations. Happy Thanksgiving Katy and family.

  4. I wish I had some of your creativity! How on earth you think of such things is beyond me. I totally love the dress and Clover was right, an attached book is perfect! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  5. She is such a doll! This dress is just darling. And it did need the little book - perfect! Your details are just always so beautiful and just right. How do you do that?

    And I think I spot Clover reading Maurice Sendak's alphabet book. I have the old VHS tape & CD with Carol King singing all the stories. My family has memorized it - I'm mean, what gets better than T for throwing tantrums? ;)

  6. i love that little book! and the dress is beautiful as always!

  7. so cute! I love those specific requests the kids come up with for their handmades

  8. This is adorable. Love the dress (and the tiny book) so much. Still have seeeeeerious pattern envy for the original Sugar City Village Frock. I refuse to accept any imitations, so it remains my Great White Buffalo of sewing patterns. Maybe someday it will make it's triumphant return...hopefully before my little gal isn't too big to wear it!

  9. That's so sweet of you, what a lucky daughter, I can feel how happy is she right after you gave her your DIY book coat, indeed the coat it self is stunning, nice outfit too it seems that you are pretty good in sewing.


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