01 July 2013

OUT Chapter 4: YOU!

I thoroughly enjoyed all of your creations you added to the flickr group!  You've been working hard!  Take a look at a few of them:
A sweet little nurse outfit from A little Golden Book: Pepper Plays Nurse by Ros.

Nicely executed piping on Brave Emily by Sharon

One of our favorite books, Press Here, dress by Liza Jane who printed her own fabric!

And you can bet your orange-y goodness that I'm in love with this sweet outfit based on Caps For Sale! sewn by Shelly.

Where's Waldo?!  Of course!  He's in the pocket! Created by Michelle.

Isn't this the perfect classic retro dress? Inspired by The Lonely Doll, created by Sewing Our Sanity

Suzy Lee gave this as a shower gift, inspired by the book Wave.  Perfect!

A perfect recreation of The Teddy Bears' Picnic by Sally

Stefi made matching shirts based on a little board book!

Laura makes me want to get Mouk with her sweet creation!

I love this black and white of Max from Where the Wild Things Are, created by Michelle.

Abby made the "boys" in her life matching blazers, just like Peter Rabbit!  So adorable!

I loved all the things for boys!  I think Drummer boy needs to get in on the next chapter of OUT.  Chapter 5 perhaps?  Thank you to everyone who participated, both my guests here, and those who added photos to the Flickr group.  I enjoyed it all!  Chapter 4 comes to a close, but keep your minds spinning and pages turning for the next installment of Once Upon a Thread! I have another series I'd like to invite everyone to participate in that I will announce tomorrow!


  1. OH my goodness!!! The Lonely Doll just brought tears to my eyes and flooded my heart with memories of reading that book at my grandparents when I was a little girl. I had completely forgotten about that book - thank you so much for the random posting of it!!

  2. these are all amazing. the link for michelle's doesn't work please fix. great job ladies. m

  3. I've thoroughly enjoyed the series and take my hat off to you and to all who participated. It's really encouraging knowing that there are so many creative young women (and men) who are carrying the tradition of sewing forward in such an invigorating manner. More please!

  4. Oh yay!! You featured my "Wave" dress! Now if only I had a better picture of the dress, a blog to link to, or a cute baby to fit into it! Thanks Katy, in more way than one since you inspire a lot of my sewing ventures!

  5. I LOVE the idea of giving a baby shower gift of an outfit with coordinating book!! Totally stealing that!


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