08 March 2013

Flashback Friday: Pre-blogging Days Sewing

Today I am over at Sew Much Ado, sharing a never blogged before dress I made...close to 10 years ago!  It's part of Abby's Flashback Friday series. Obviously this was before I was blogging, but it's something that all of my girls have worn, despite the change in my taste and style.  Go take a look and make fun of how princessy I used to sew ;).
And have a wonderful Friday!  I'll be digging in the dirt and emptying some spray paint cans.  What are you doing? Springtime sewing? 


  1. oh, think of all the marbles in those spray paint cans:) off to go read your post.

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  3. I love it! It's beautiful and so old fashioned! Such a lovely keepsake since all your girls wore it. It reminds me of a dress I had when I was little that my daughter now wears. Lovely.


  4. Oh! This is so incredibly lovely! The sentimental aspect alone would make it impossible for me to part with it. Have you thought about framing it when the girls finally outgrow it? It would be a shame not to have it on display. (especially if you think it would not last another generation of little dills)

  5. wow Katy! I can't believe the amazing detail of that dress. seriously, have you been sewing since birth and just acquired such skills along the way?! What amazing patience (mixed with just a *touch of OCD)a masterpiece like that takes! I love that your style has changed over the years and that it included such classics as a silk smocked dress.
    oh and when did sweet (little 2 yr old as) Clover grow into such a long-legged (almost school-aged) young girl!!!??? Wasn't it just last week that she was standing with her cousins? with her "2" romper on??? Thank you for sharing your sparkly eyed beauties and your sewing obsession with all of us in blog land! :)

  6. This is EXACTLY my style; I love it!

    I have a duponi dress that has lasted 4 girls so far and a linen one with embroidery that has lasted as well. Both are a size 2; nursery snacks are not kind to fancy church clothes!

    I have never seen anyone run the smocking vertically like that; that is awesome! I know it's not your style anymore, but what a fun dress! I love the collar!

    I have so many dresses to make right now that making another one like this would be hard to fit in my life right now, but I love this.

    I don't know how to sew a collar like that, however (embroidery isn't the problem) and if you have any help in that direction, I would love a heads' up on that; I could pull it off for a play dress.


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