05 February 2013

Fun Phone Lenses: the ōlloclip

I've gotten lots of questions on instagram about my iphone lens and thought I'd share this fun little toy and how it works, exactly.
It's called an ōlloclip, and you can get them pretty much anywhere you would find other phone accessories.  They're around $70 (for all 3 lenses) for the iphone 5, and less for other models.
You can't use it with your case on, and I find that to be the only drawback.  It comes with a little cloth bag to keep the dust out, and I stash it in my purse so it's handy wherever I am (and to stay safe from curious fingers).  All you do is slip it over the corner of your phone.  I've never had an issue of it falling off, it's pretty snug.
The smaller lens is actually two-in-one.  It is the wide angle with the attachment on,  
and the macro lens when you unscrew it and take it off.

Flip the ōlloclip around to the larger side, and that's the fisheye lens. So. How do the images look?  Here is an example of me standing just a couple of feet from the edge of the top of the stairs.  I stayed in the exact same spot, just switched out the lens, no filtering on any of the images.  Obviously, there is some distortion with both lenses, but you can get a lot more in the shot with the fisheye compared to no lens.
And here is an example of how close I'm able to get with just the phone camera, and how close I can get with the macro lens.  You control the focus by moving the whole phone until the image is clear.

Here's another example of the wide angle and the fisheye, and you can get a better sense of the amount of distortion from the street.  Because, I promise, it's a straight road.
My favorite is the macro lens.  Look up hashtag #macrodill on instagram to see all my macro shots.  From eyes to toes ;)
I haven't ever printed any of my images from my phone, and I know you wouldn't be able to keep the resolution if you want a larger print, but for the phone, I think the macro images are pretty amazing.
Just for fun, here's the same image, taken with my dslr macro lens.
Disclaimer: I won't take responsibility for any ōlloclip addictions. Unless you just wanted to thank me. (And gammy, for getting me one.)
★ ★ ★
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  1. Hi cute girl! I have not left comments lately--but just wanted to say Hi! Even though I am not much of a sewing girl (darn it)--I sure do love your site! Your pictures are so beautiful and I enjoy your wit and love of life! Also--I still love that you have 5 girls being the MOther of 5 boys:) How is it having a boy around now? Drummer sure is a cutie! Anyway--have a great week! xo
    love from Tennessee:)

  2. Melanie Anne! So good to hear from you and thank you for your kind words :) Perhaps my 5 can meet your 5 one day ;)

  3. Wow wow! That lens thingy (haha) is super cool. I can't wait to see your new house all remodeled. I've been thinking about you and just wanted to say hi. Hope everything is going well.

  4. Carly! Thanks for saying hi. I am anxious to SHARE the changes we've made and to be able to stretch our wings, so to speak. :)

  5. I seriously want one but I haven't found one for my android phone. :( I love love your macro shots on IG.

  6. Ooh, fun. I should get it for my hubby for Valentine's day and the borrow it for forever.


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