02 November 2012

Instasource Guide

I got a few questions from some photos I posted on instagram and thought it would be easiest to answer them here so I don't have to spend 3 hours trying to type it all out with my thumbs.  Autocorrect tends to put (incorrect, albeit sometimes humorous) words in my mouth, anyway.
Pumpkin Donut recipe.  Tips: I didn't add the extra tablespoon of buttermilk and found the dough to be really soft and sticky, just use flour to roll out dough and keep it chilled. I would also add a bit more salt and lots more spices next time. 
★ Drummer's Foxy Drum Bun pants!!! Yes, girls can wear them, too!  I got them at Zulily (sign up here if you need an invite).  They are Gigglebuns brand. To find out the next time they will be for sale, you can request a notification here (I'll try to let you know when I see them up again.)  I love them because Drummer can't crawl out of them like he does with most his pants. Plus his buns are even more irresistibly pinchable!
Matchstick pasta.  As we were eating, I asked the baby dills why this is such a healthy meal and they said, because it has your fruit, your vegetable, your grain, and your protein...and because it's so colorful!  Well said.
The Octopus tights!  Love these and fully admit to wearing them year round. I got them on Etsy a couple of years ago and either get a raised eyebrow or a compliment. What can I say, I'm a risk taker.  They have them in different colors and other designs, like jellyfish, butterflies, and feathers. Christmas is coming up.....!

Meanwhile, I'm behind on Clover's letter H, but it's coming along...except I accidentally made a big cut into the front panel last night. Oops. Still thinking about that one. 


  1. H is for hole? and maybe back it with something fun to peek through?

  2. Ahhh! I totally sighed in frustration for you when I read that you cut into the letter H outfit. Every project I do ends with the question from my husband, "What did you sew together/cut/have to fix with an embellishment this time?" :) I guess that's what makes life exciting. I hope you resolve it soon! :)

  3. What yummy and adorable things! I will have to put some tights on my wish list!

  4. I thought about getting some of those tights the last time around on Zulily but wasn't sure what they'd look like on my little guy. (maybe they'd look to girly) But Drummer looks adorable, so I will have to get some next time!

  5. Love your blog. I have a question about your ruffle tops for the girls mermaid costumes - how did you do the collars?

  6. Ahh...I did that once to a dress Someone had asked me to make. A huge red costume dress and and I tucked a section into the seam when I was rushing through the serging at the end. Oh so frustrating! Lol, go with the previous poster...h is for hole!

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