19 October 2012

Weekend Wedding: Part III, the end.

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If you give my parents a color theme,
they will not only take it and run, 

but they will turn it into a marathon.

The orange was pure loveliness,

from the flowers and beverages to the treats and cutlery (not to mention their stars!)

I played peek-a-boo with Eli through the window.

My mom prepared Vietnamese pulled pork sandwiches. 
I think I finally finagled a smile from Cohen before I left, but he's got the cutest hard-to-crack poker face.
After we finally got rid of the bride and groom (or is it the other way around?)
We ran down to a fun new fabric/various fun sundries called Harmony.
Laura Harmon (and her daughter Rachel of Darlybird) run the joint and it's in an old house in downtown Provo, Utah where we kept calling to each other from different rooms you have to come see this!
We all came out (past closing, sorry about that!) with a bag full of goodies.
Not only do they carry fabrics, yarns, and other delightful crafting supplies,
but they hold classes back in the kitchen portion of the house.
And then, to make everything even sweeter, I ran in to Danielle.  I knew I knew her, but couldn't remember how until she said, "Katy?..........Danielle!" and then we squealed and laughed and hugged.  It was splendid.  So we got together the next morning again when we could have some time to actually chat
It was splendid.  So we got together the next morning again when we could have some time to actually chat, along with Sachiko.  I wish I could surround myself with these friends that I've never actually met, but I know we'd get along swimmingly, sewing and laughing into the night.

Next I took Sachiko (or rather she was the one driving) to get some of my childhood memories from Startup's.  Sadly, they were closed, but I saw the door shut, so I poked my head in and asked if we could buy some candy anyway.  

The owner was there, complete with candy making apron, and said we could because he opened the door for a woman who came all the way from Farmington. I pointed to my sister and said She came all the way from Virginia! Then another woman popped in and said she came all the way from Washington to get her chocolate covered cinnamon bears.  The owner just laughed at these candy loving women.

I got in some more baby snuggling time, 

and some more sister bonding time,
 and then the vote was Costco almond/chocolate icecream bars.  The key, my dad said, as though he was teaching us a life lesson, is to ask for lots and lots of nuts.  But to him, that is one of life's lessons.

We wrapped up the evening by going to see The Lower Lights in their rooftop concert series.

We got there plenty early to get front row seats,

AND play games, 

AND eat lots of snacks.

The day was pretty much perfection, right down to my striped nails (have you tried that new magnetic nail polish?) matching my striped pants.
Finally the crowds arrived, 

the sun went down, 

and we danced like it was high school.

Jet was my dancing partner.
Thanks mom and dad, for putting on another great weekend of fun events, and to Jacob and Krisanne for the brilliant idea of getting hitched.

'Til next time.


  1. I totally saw you at the Lower Lights concert and thought "that girl looks just like Katie from no big dill, but that's just silly because why would she be in Utah?" You're famous!

    Your new sister-in-law Krisanne is also famous at our house because she teaches the toddler art class my 2 year-old attends every month. I'm pretty sure he thinks that Krisanne exists entirely for him, and me and the other mom's are constantly in awe of her cuteness.

  2. Tamsin--I wish you would have said hi! How fun that we were both there! And yes, I've heard that Krisanne's classes are highly sought after.

  3. Thanks for sharing your family time with us! Such pretty sisters, all of you.

  4. I adore your family. Do you think that your parents would adopt me?

  5. Come back! Let's do it all again! And yes, Steph, we will totally adopt you!

  6. Come back! Let's do it all again! And yes, Steph, we will totally adopt you!

  7. Are all those shops in Provo?! I live just a bit south of there and would LOVE to take my kids to a REAL candy shop, lol! :)

  8. When I saw that photo of you pop up in Danielle's instagram feed I got so excited! How fun for you to meet in person!!

  9. ooh, looks like a ton of fun! I love the orange theme! and that sewing room/house, it was so great:) Can I have a house like that? btw: I have a new sewing blog and I'd love for you to check it out. I'm trying to get the word out to fellow sewers and bloggers I follow.

  10. Wow, looks like your family knows how to have fun! Congrats to the newlyweds!

  11. Those stars are just the best thing. ever. so beautiful!- what an amazing trip! xo

  12. and seriously!? dark chocolate covered pomegranate seeds?! I'm moving to America.

  13. I have now tracked down the address for that lovely store on center street in Provo, and emailed the candy shop to see if they have some of beautiful candies made with no artificial ingredients! (My mom has become very allergic to that sort and misses the good ole candies). I think you need to come visit Utah more often so I learn what is 10 minutes away from me!

  14. Steph--welcome to the family! :)

    Tanya-I've added the links to the shops.

    Maddy-Come on over, girl!!

  15. I love to see your family together, it makes me so happy. Yay for Jacob! Also--your family totally knows how to snack with awesomeness.

  16. Ahhhh...Startups...my mom used to have a candy store and I have total memories of going there to pick up orders...it is such a cool old building!!!

    ps---We met Sachicko the other night at a dinner and she was so cool. We really enjoyed our time with her.

  17. It was so great to bump into you! Serendipity. Thanks for letting us steal a bit of your time away from your beautiful family. And please tell your sister sorry for cutting in line at Harmony;) I wish we could sew into the night together too!

    And your dad is right about the nuts!

    That wedding dress you made is amazing! (And so are her shoes!) At least with your girls you'll be able to actually fit it on them right? Hopefully?

  18. I love your green maryjanes that you're wearing in the picture with you, Danielle, Sachiko, and a little boy (I don't think it's Drummer). Do you mind sharing where you purchased them? They look so comfortable and adorable - perfection! :)

  19. aubreyp--I bought those at DSW and the brand is Crown. Ryan picked them out for me and I get more compliments on them than anything I have ever owned!

  20. Katy, everywhere I look I see love, in the couple, in the dress, in the flowers, in the family, in the decor, just beautiful!

  21. Thanks for the info about the shoes! Clearly Ryan and you both have great taste since he picked them out and you - well, I already knew you had great taste! :)


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