17 October 2012

Weekend Wedding: Part I

What a week already.  I had next Monday confused with two days ago and told my kids they didn't have any school.  They did.  But two of them spent the night at Gammy's and I hauled the rest with me for a 2 1/2 hour drive to IKEA, so there was no going back.  4 out of 5 of them thought it was the best day ever.  One began to cry because she missed school unintentionally. Can you guess who?  I think she might finally have forgiven me.  Either way, it was delightful to get an extra day to play.  Pearl gave me her assistance cutting fabric and opinions on decor, Drummer loved the side to side cart and the visual stimulation, and Clover and Azure sat on every chair and hid in every cupboard they could find. They all agreed, that was fun!
I've been reliving my trip to see my brother married to his honey and loving it, but admit to taking too many photos, and also not nearly enough.  I made Krisanne's wedding dress, several states away, and didn't want to risk it being lost in my checked luggage, so I stuffed it, un-hemmed, in my purse and didn't let it out of my sight.
I love it when I color coordinate with my book cover.
I flew in at the same time as two of my other east coast sibs, Ben and Jordan.  Seeing family in the airport is the best.
Ben brought along his beautiful wife, Olivia, and their newest installment, Silas.  Yes, he always looks like he's taking in the sights.
Plus Cohen and his yellow car.
We flew in the day before the wedding and helped with the last minute prep, like rolling yards and yards of satin and that polka-dot overlay stuff for table cloths.  You just might be seeing it again...turned clothing on here.
We met Krisanne's family for dinner at Communal.  So yum.
Jordan and I were at the end of the table, so we got to mess off and take pictures of all 397 courses.  So glad they didn't send us to the kid's table.  Probably because there wasn't one.
My beautiful mother.
My dad: best Charades player you'll ever meet.  Too bad we weren't playing Charades.  Also, you see where I get my stripe penchant.
Jordan: the photo op crasher.
I love Olivia's dimples.
The happy couple.  You can't tell from this photo, but there's a couple of feet height discrepancy between these two.  They compliment one another in every way.
I also got to meet Ashley's newest installment: Jet.
Don't fret.  Wedding day tomorrow!


  1. You have just the most beautiful family! Congratulations on another happy wedding.

  2. Yay! I can't wait to see more pictures!!

  3. I can't wait to see the dress!!! My goodness ~ your new sister in law totally looks like your family!

  4. Beautiful pictures! I can't wait to see the dress! We love Ben and Olivia and their darling children! We missed out on Olivia this trip but Ben stopped by it's always good company with them around. I think it is time I go to Communal, I keep meaning to but never get over there.

  5. beautiful family! love the name Silas!- and your dad in a knitted tie? awesome :)

  6. Such a beautiful family! Can't wait to see more! I'd love to hang out with such a creative group of people.

    I love that there are other mothers out there who forget what happens when! My older kids (12& 14) would love me if I gave them a day off! But I do have one who would be so worried about getting in trouble! My guess is that it didn't go over so well with Divine! ;)

  7. I read your wedding installments backwards, 3 to 1! Loved every bit of it.
    I especially love the way you honor your parents. Your respect of them shines through loud and clear in all your posts!


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