17 August 2012

Questions Answered

Instead of emailing everyone individually, I thought I'd answer a few questions I've gotten over the past few posts.
Q  What pattern did you use for Drummer's Phone Romper?
A  The Ottobre Spring 2011 issue.  And yes, you can order back issues easily from their Etsy shop, hooray!  I really love European patterns for kids because they're not so boxy and one-size-fits-all-ish.  Ottobre especially has some really great patterns for your knit craving and usage.  The only adjustment I made was having the zipper go all the way down the leg and adding a wider band at the bottom so I can extend the life by just folding it up or down.  
Q  You didn't get any fabric in Boston? (I read this with an incredulous tone of voice).
A  Ah, come on.  You know me better than that.  We stopped at Van's in chinatown which is across the street from our favorite noodle shop.  You have to get buzzed in, which I don't know should scare me or make me feel fancy.  I'll assume the latter.  Most of their selection I don't care for, but I do seem to always get these lightweight cottons with exotic, faraway-land-look prints.  They are on the right just as you walk in, on long tube rolls.
It doesn't have a name identified on the roll or selvedge, but there are some cryptic letters and numbers if anyone can find an online source, my little google ninjas.
It's also where I got the fabric to Olive's Clever Charlotte top I made last year:
We also discovered a fun little fabric shop that offers classes, called Grey's Fabric & Notions.  I'm thinking of something for Clover's first day of school with that fun font fabric.
Q  Where can I find some cool stamps?
A  This might have been my favorite stop in Boston.  Ryan took me to Black Ink, which is kind of like a really cool novelty shop, from toys to ribbons.  I could have spent all day there.  In fact we went to both their locations, and then back once more because only one carries stamps (the Boston, not Cambridge store).
Then I got home and thought I should have bought one of every single stamp, which is highly impractical, but you know the theory of scarcity?  Wondering if I'd ever find such cool stamps had me on a precipice of concern.  Ryan assured me I'd be able to find them online.  He's so good at calming my speculative worries.  Plus he's usually always right.  Which is all very well for us who don't live in Boston.  The maker is Leavenworth Jackson and they're cheaper if you order directly from them, although you have to actually print out an order form.  I love the old school-ness--seems to fit their rubber stamp style.
Black Ink (just the one in Boston) also has some really neat ribbons, again, I could have gotten some of each, but settled on 4.  I'm still trying to figure out how to use the double sided red and white one, showcasing both sides.
And finally,
Q  Can you stamp lighter colors on darker fabrics?
A  Yes.  The details don't show up as much, but I like how it gives kind of a vintage-y look.  I used VersaMagic ink (which is different than VersaCraft).  I know.  Even more possibilities just thrown your way.
Hope that helps!  Enjoy a stampin' good weekend ;)


  1. I love the chicken stamp in the white on black. But what REALLY caught my attention was the octopus on the bag from Black Ink. Do they have a stamp that does an awesome octopus like that? (Leave it to me to remember nothing but the bag!)

  2. Megs--You're like me ;) NO! They didn't have that rubber stamp (tsk, tsk, missing out on marketing plus sales) BUT I just found one on etsy:
    Cool, huh!?

  3. The octopus on the Black Ink bag is available as free vintage clip art from The Graphics Fairy: http://graphicsfairy.blogspot.com/2010/08/vintage-clip-art-image-wonderful.html

    I love the chicken stamp, too!

  4. Can I ask a very silly question? As a total beginner I never know how much to buy of a fabric that I like. How do I know if I don't know what to do with it yet? Same for the ribbons. What do you do?



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