08 June 2012

OUT Chapter 3: Giveaway Finale

This is good, guys.  And I might be a bit envious.  In fact, I've been a bit envious of all these giveaways.  Cool stuff.  Love me some cool stuff, especially free cool stuff.  But today might be the climax of all the giveaways I've held.  The cream of the crop.  The magnum opus.  The créme de la créme.  The pièce de résistance.  The tour de force.  The coup d'état.  Wait.  What?
 Anyway, I'll give you one clue: it rhymes with urge her.
Go here.


  1. Coup d'etat is French for coup d'etat. :) (have you seen that movie?)

  2. urge her!?

    snicker snicker!

    and i'm curious about the movie emily mentioned. (that's emily k. smith, yes?)


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