25 May 2012

OUT Chapter 3: Shauna of Shwin & Shwin

I think Shauna from Shwin & Shwin shares my button obsession, what do you think? :)  I'm so pleased to have Shauna here today.  They've always got fun children's clothes tutorials, both girls and boys, over at their lovely place!  In fact, I'm super duper impressed with their most recent collection of boys items, take a look here.  Amazing, right?  Her project today would be fun for either.  Welcome Shauna!

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Hi No Big Dill Readers! I am beyond thrilled to be here today, I may have pinched myself a few times when Katy asked me to join in on Chapter 3 of OUT, then I said YES! before she could change her mind :) You see I am a big fan of the series and children's books. My favorite book is Animalia by Graeme Base, which just so happens to be a favorite book of my kids as well. 
 Our favorite part of the book is not the charming alliteration throughout the book as you work your way through the alphabet...
 It's not the beautifully and artfully designed pictures that let you escape into a new world, where two tigers may just take that 10.20 train to Timbucktu...
 The thing we love the most is finding the little boy hidden in each and every alphabetical scene. You see Jude is all about finding things, so we (it was a joint effort) decided to make a little boy to "hide and seek" ourselves, and enjoy reading with on a perfect summer day. So I will show you how to make a doll, any doll really, yourself.
 To start I cut out (2 of everything) a shirt and pants, head and hands. Simple designs and shapes making each one with a seam allowance.
 Then to get the details right the shirt needed some stripes, so I cut some stripes and I stuck them on with wonder under.
 Then I top stitched on the stripes and sewed the shirt to the pants. I also added some details to the pants to make them look more real.
 Next I added some hair to the head, stitching around the edge.
 For the face I used disappearing ink to draw on a face. (yes it is a little creepy face drawing is a skill I will have to work on)
 Then simply stitch over the drawing, and you have a face.
 Sew the head and hands to the body pieces and you have a front.
 Assemble the back the same way you did the front, only of course it is the rear side.
 Then place the front and back right sides together and sew around the edge. Be sure to leave a small opening to turn the doll right side out. Add fluff, and then sew the small opening closed. Done.
 Then whether you are enjoying reading the book, and finding the boy, peeking out of a parade passing the "Proud Peacocks Preening Perfect Plumage".
 Or playing a game of "hide the boy" there will be plenty to enjoy for a long time, especially if your kids get creative hiding the boy...
 You just never know where he may turn up...
Usually where you least expect him. (bonus point for finding the boy in all of the pics above)

Thanks so much for having me Katy! And inspiring me to create something fun with my kids!
✂ ✂ ✂
What a fun idea!  I might have giggled to see the little legs sticking out of the gutter drain.  (I'll admit I had to scroll back up to make sure I found him in all the photos.)  Thank you for coming over, Shauna! 


  1. The 11th hour is one of my favorite books of all time! This post/series is just awesome! LOVE,LOVE,LOVE!

  2. What a great book. I used to use it in my class all the time...students LOVED it!

  3. What a clever little idea! Thanks for sharing it. Delightful. I need to do more of this kind of sewing...the kind that is fun for my kids.

  4. What a fun and simple doll

  5. I like the doll too - very manly in his own way, and dressed right for adventure. Katie, The Eleventh Hour is one of my kids' faves too - finding all the mice, and solving the mystery = good children's reading.

  6. I loooove Graeme Base books! I can look at the pictures for hours. The stitching detail on the boys jeans is just too cute!

  7. Such a fun idea and I love the detail on the jeans. The book looks fantastic - I've never seen it before.

  8. Love the doll! I used your tutorial to make a doll to look like my husband. I took pictures of my children doing their favorite things with their dad (substituting the daddy doll) for Father's Day. http://stuffbymaja.blogspot.ca/2012/06/fathers-day-daddy-doll.html


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