27 April 2012

Sometimes we call him Neb

This is me, holding my baby brother, Ben.
This is my baby brother, Ben with his own baby.  How crazy.  I wish I was closer to watch the father in him emerge, but you can tell from this photo he is a loving, adoring, kind, and gentle one.  Plus he's a whole lot bigger than I am now.  He's getting his degree in landscape design.  I can't wait to utilize his skill, because he's got an eye for color and composition that is only enhanced by the use of live plants.  He will be sought.
Happy Birthday, Ben.  Love your guts.

★ ★ ★
On another note, do you like to vote?  I love to rhyme.  I always find great satisfaction in clicking the little circles to cast my opinions.  If you have a similar delight, I have a few options for you.

➊ Project Run and Play is open for voting.   Have you been following along?  The contestants are being whittled down, only 6 are left this week. 

➋ Do you have a suggestion to name my serger?  Add it in the comment section on my previous post and I will hold a vote.  There have been some fantastic suggestions already!

➌ One more thing.  Do you think I need more linen fabric in my stash?  
Don't tell Ryan, but I do too, although I think I entered too late in the game to have a chance, but you can vote for my Fun in the Sun{dress}, you know, just for fun ;) over at Fabrics-store FB page if you think we can beat the odds.  Should we try?  Either way, that's my favorite place for linen, they have all sorts of weights and colors.  It seems to be a period clothing favorite.

Happy Weekend!


  1. Thanks Katy. Your desire to be closer is mutual. Love you!

  2. What a pretty sundress! I voted :)

  3. the link for the linen fabric takes me to the entry page, not the voting one!

  4. oh and i've got this one in the bag.

  5. Really, really loving this season of PR&P! Such great designs. BTW I just made an orange dress! I never use orange, but I thought of you as I made it. NEO, baby! ;)

  6. Of course you need more linen, win or not! It's quite eco-friendly I do believe so there's an excuse :)
    My little brother is Tim (and his first baby is about to enter the world) and sometimes we called him miT - that was the way he first wrote his name!

  7. I enjoy your posts that show how much you LOVE your family. A good reminder to all of us.

  8. I have a baby brother "Neb" too!!!

  9. I don't think it's possible not to need more linen.

  10. How about Dolores? Dolores is quiet and reserved but very accomplished. She can be aloof, certainly not as friendly as her sister, Gladys, but once you get to know Dolores she is a loyal and faithful friend. ;)
    Happy Birthday to your brother!


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