10 April 2012

Palms Down

We started the Easter celebration with a brand new hammock.  The squirrels found the old one useful to fluff their...nest?  Do squirrels have nests?
The weather couldn't have been more perfect.
I happened to remember my camera on all of our outings, which has me wading through a thick amount of photos, and reliving the fun moments of the week.  Those who are of the height of where my camera hangs often inadvertently get hit in the head when I turn around.
They're kind of used to it, although they prefer the 50mm lens over the 24-105mm ;)
We saw a reenactment of Palm Sunday.
There was grape juice dancing,
that looked delightful.  I think it would feel invigorating.  These two claimed it was great for exfoliation.  I didn't try their juice.
We also found a small town fair.
Thought we'd start off with the treats right up front.  
Do you see our dilemma?  Nobody ever wants the same thing.  Clover and Azure just about melted that they had to share...Clover didn't want that topping!  Of course.

Better than fried bubble gum are these cheeks!

Ryan got some gardening advice.  His attempt at growing zucchini in the east hasn't been fruitful, so he got some tips from these pros in overalls.  I think that's the key.

I'm starting to think I need to hang out with more seasoned ;) sewing ladies.  I found a few demonstrating this beauty of a machine and we chatted sewing machines and fabric for several minutes.  I think they were impressed I knew what I was talking about.  I think I might get an adrenaline rush talking sewing feet with others who are as nerdy as I am about it.
This is Bruce.  Don't tell Ryan, but I think he was making eyes at me.

The girls were fascinated with this weaving demonstration.  My mom has a super fancy loom that I'm hoping she'll show me how to use one day.  It's a work of art itself.  Clover mostly just wanted someone to listen to her chat.
We ended our weekend with a few random pieces of candy hidden throughout the yard.
Next year remind me not to hide any chocolate (I'm really good at hiding, none of this in-plain-view stuff, which reminds me of our childhood candy hunts.  After we were "finished" finding all the candy and dividing it evenly between the 6 of us, I'd go out and spend quite a bit of time uncovering the covered, which was free game, thus increasing my stash.)
Also, I should hide more than 20 pieces.
Or maybe I shouldn't. (I love Olive's illuminated fly-aways)
Pearl let the bunnies (did you know we got bunnies for Christmas?) out for the hunt.  We met some farmer in a parking lot and we bought two full grown bunnies.  Named them Shiny (what Clover wanted to name her baby brother) and Millie.  They didn't find any chocolate, but scored some carrot peels.
I hope your Easter celebration was just right, too, minus the melted chocolate.
And, once again, thanks for scrolling.  If you made it this far.


  1. Scrolled through every one! Clover seems so tall and Drummer's cheeks are just calling out for a squish.

  2. What a fun weekend. I DIDN"T know you got bunnies, and I'm your sister! I bet they're loving that. Do you really have a boy and a girl bunny? Won't be long before you have baby bunnies galore.

  3. I hit my kids in the head with my camera lens all the time =) So fun! Makes me want to go off on an adventure...

  4. Siobhan--I know, I should have had them stand up next to each other, because she certainly DOES look taller in that photo.

    Ann--no! two girls. We know better than that ;)

    Jennifer--It's also because they seem to be right under me! It's better now that I'm not pregnant, though :)

  5. I love reading your blog and you take the most beautiful pictures. I wish I could add great quality pictures to my blog but at the moment I have to work with what I've got. Thanks for sharing your Easter break.

  6. such beautiful photo's! we stomped on our grapes one year while making juice and wine and got a really bad rash, so we dont do that anymore. but it was fun...1 time. hmm, i live in nh and we get an insane amount of zucchini every year. we have found that you have to make sure you have enough males to fertilize the female flowers. you can tell which is which by the flowers and can even fertilize them yourselves. good luck with it this year. i cannot wait to sow our seeds!

  7. 2littlehooligans--that's what the gardening expert said as well. He also said they should be kept off the ground to prevent the vine from rotting (that's where we always have problems) so we're trying it out in big buckets. wish us luck! And no fun with the rashes!

  8. Wow! Clover is even bigger than when I saw her last month! Where was the "small town" fair? We went to a small town fair in a parking lot here - pony rides, bounce house, free food, face painting and, most importantly, not a lot of people:). Glad you guys had such a great Easter!

  9. Well if Ryan does not invest in some overalls and quick you are never going to have a proper garden!! LOL

  10. LOVE the last shot of Drummer and then Pearl & her bunny.

  11. i enjoyed your weekend too! oh those girls, how they are growing. and that drummer. CUTE cheeks!

  12. You have the best pictures and blog posts. I didn't know about the bunnies either! And think you made the right choice about not drinking the juice. . . .

  13. My boys NEVER want to share-at least Soren throws a fit. I guess the twins business didn't season him to this sharing business. I don't like easy hiding places either. ;)

  14. Sounds and looks like a wonderful and filled weekend. Love your pictures!

  15. Sounds "dill-lightful"! What a great memory maker!

  16. I love the picture of Olive in front of "OLIVE"!!! How fun! And her mouse-ears (that's what our family calls her hairstyle) are delightful! Happy Easter, Katy & family!

  17. Oh, your sister makes a good point - what would you do with baby bunnies?!!! :)

  18. Great photos. Blessed Easter!

    I'd love to see more of the bunnies!! How about it? A bunny post?? What a fun idea. What's the skinny on owning bunnies? Good idea?? (I'm asking beause that is a long standing item on our wish list around here.)

  19. If you have a small zucchini crop this year we'll send you some of ours---it's overly plentiful and also happens to be the only thing we can grow (besides tomatoes).

  20. I love scrolling through your post. I usually make it till the end :)

  21. love your photos,your children are beautiful!looks like you had a great Easter weekend...

  22. such a happy bunch! beautiful photos. Looks so fun, the weaving looks great and that old singer mmmm...



  23. siete così belli!!! ^___^ un abbraccio dall'italia!

  24. Well, I liked that shot through the truck! So great! What a fun weekend.

  25. Beautiful pics! Beautiful family. But two things:

    1-where are the adorable Mexican tunics from? Love.


    2- when did Clover turn into a little girl!?!? Where's the baby face?!?


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