22 February 2012

'Tis the Season. Grapefruit.

I love grapefruit season.  It's a fruit I tend to forget to eat often enough.  It's always oranges or clementines or other kid friendly, easy to grab citrus, lemons and limes for flavoring other dishes.
But grapefruit.  Aren't they luscious?  I am reminded it's grapefruit (and citrus in general) season because when we are at the YMCA, someone brought in their surplus and plopped it in a giant bowl on the front counter.  They hadn't been chemically treated, or shined.  But, there they sat, dull with a side of dirt, like a geod, bright, juicy goodness hidden inside.  Each girl, tall enough to notice the citrus on display, grabbed one for the road.
We broiled them with some brown sugar, butter, and cinnamon.  Full directions here.

Speaking of cinnamon, have you learned of the goodness of Penzey's Vietnamese, yet?  For Pearl's science experiment this year, she taste tested cinnamons.  We are not the best of scientists around here, but we sure do like to do taste tests.  Both the ceylon and Vietnamese came from Penzey's, but the ceylon tasted like dust.  Bleck.  But that Vietnamese.  Ahh.  I smell it every single time I use it.  Pearl thought it was too spicy, which eaten by itself, very well could be for an 8 year old, but not for this momma. 
I love Pearl's taste testing face.  If you're going to do a science experiment, you might as well make it tasty, right?  (Or fun--Divine tested bubble blowing formulas.)
I was in the kitchen for about an hour, broiling grapefruit for the hungry monkeys until a heap of deflated grapefruit skins were ready to be discarded, squeezed for every last drop.
Then I broiled a pomelo.  I stopped there, before I began looking around to see what else might benefit from a warm, bubbly, sugar-coated topping.
ps clicking on the recipe post, I've come a long way in my photography skills in 3 years, no?
pps this isn't a paid endorsement, we just really like Vietnamese cinnamon :)
ppps Pearl got a 100 on her science report.
pppps that's all the post scripts I have.


  1. Penzey's Cinnamon....is the bomb! :) I was trying to cut back on my sugar intake a few years ago-and tried cinnamon in my coffee instead of sugar. It is heavenly. I use it daily.

    Thank you for posting your recipe for broiled grapefruit - and sharing that your kids like it. *grin* I keep throwing regular straight from the fridge grapefruit at the kids, with not much success. I think I'll suprise them this weekend with this. :)

    P.S. - have you smelled Penzey's Chili 9000? I could wear it as a body scent. *grin* Alas, I just happen to put it in and on everything now days! Hint it has cinnamon in it. ;)

  2. Lindsey--NO! How has Chili 9000 escaped my notice? Next time we're due for more cinnamon or cocoa powder (can't ever go back to grocery store cocoa powder) I will grab some. Thanks for the tip.

  3. I totally need to try this the next time we come across grapefruits. It sounds and looks delicious. I love your science experiments and documentation. :)

  4. Have you tried sweeties? They are like grapefruits, just a bit sweeter (big surprise). It's season is very short and I literally walk out the store with 10 pc at every opportunity (that's sans your big family though, hehe).

  5. I've never tried this, but now I know I must! Looks so tasty!

  6. Grapefruit is in fact one of me favorite foods in all of the world---I can't remember the last time I didn't have some waiting for me in the fridge (I ALWAYS eat them the same way---ice cold with salt.)


    broiled...that looks too tempting...I'll have to try it!

    ps---Your right, your photography are now at wicked awesome skill level.

  7. I've never heard of these cinnamons... but I LOVE grapefruit with raw sugar! YUM!

  8. woooow it lookes yummyyyyyy

    i realy love ur blog as wel !!!!!

  9. Two of the four of us have been mad crazy for grapefruits this year. The little guy practically climbs up my face to share one with me in the morning. He will refuse cereal and toast, but he will always go for grapefruit.

  10. I LOVE broiled grapefruit... but I've always used just brown sugar and cinnamon, never BUTTER! It's a magical addition. Thank you! (from my taste buds... my waist may have other things to say about it!)

  11. Also a Floridian and loving the citrus! Isn't it a delicious time of year? We went strawberry picking yesterday.
    PS: Go Pearl!

  12. Yum. I think it is officially on my grocery list. Thanks for the idea.

  13. Grapefruit broiled? Yum! I must try this. You have the best, most unique recipes.

    I am from AZ so I am quite partial to their citrus. My parent's had a grapefruit tree that I miss dearly. They downsized years ago. It must be a dream to have citrus so plentiful! I am secretly hoping my in-laws will stop by to visit the baby and bring us some. :)

    I think Pearl's science experiment sounds really fun and so does Divine's! They chose well.

    Owen's involves popping corn. The boys in this house are kind of addicted to popcorn.

  14. I really like the progression of the style of your photography! And Penzey's spices are pretty much the best all around - and amazing value for the price!


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