12 January 2012

Divergent but Parallel

This is my second oldest sister, Jordan.  We were each married within a year of each other.  Most of our kids were born within a year of each other.  They're like a stack of cards you shuffle, each falling neatly in order, back and forth.  
We both like hats.  We both love fashion and good food.  Yet somehow, we've never managed to live by each other once we went our separate ways after working as Bed & Breakfast maids on Nantucket Island.  Such a shame.
We do differ.  Jordan's the more outgoing one.  She'll choose an evening snuggled down with a book over a sewing machine, hands down.  She can use words like Monet used a brush.  We teasingly call her the romantic of the family.  She loves to throw a good dinner party.  Plus, she speaks Russian.  Our children adore each other, mine still pray for Lucy's leg every single day.  We vow one day we'll live closer to each other.  Happy Birthday, Jord.  Love your guts.


  1. A stack of cards is a great way to express the cousins. We have 10 kiddos between 4 of us within a 3 year span. Between all 6 daughters there are 15 grandchildren. Our parents wanted lots of grands!

    You ladies are killing my new years fat cutting plan with these delectible dishes. I'm dying here!

  2. I wish I had a sister! And I'm glad you shared Jordan's blog- I recently read Lucy's story and was so inspired by her recovery! Happy birthday, Jordan!

  3. Mmmm! The Food, The Fashion, The Fam!
    Glad you sisters love each other!

  4. I just peeked over at your interview, and I can't believe you've already slimmed down to pre-pregnancy proportions! You're beautiful in your coat.

  5. What a nice tribute to your sister! It makes me wish I had one on top of my collection of brothers.

    I had no idea you used to live on Nantucket! Do you miss it?


  6. I love her guts and her cooking too. I't would be great to live by her some day, I hope you get the chance!

  7. Thank you for these kind words, sis! Let's make it happen!! Or at least send some of those baby dills up here to hang with the rascals!

  8. My friend Angela and I were just remembering the gross muffin combinations that Mitch would come up with--mushroom being the worst.

  9. I read your sister's blog, but I didn't know she was your sister. Or maybe I did, and that's how I found her but then I forgot...
    such a great, glamorous photo of her. Love big sunglasses and a big hat!


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