29 January 2012

Apparently, now, she bashes dunes

photo by Ann Jones
Worlds away is my baby sister.  She's experiencing things like camel racing, public prayer chanting, exotic spice markets, dune bashing, and heat even more intense than we have here.  Pretty much her world was turned upside down and then shaken for good measure.  I know it must be hard.  Little Mary Deane and her cystic fibrosis treatments, though it's their normal now, are still hard.  Being away from family, immersed in a culture so bewilderingly different and caring for two small, sweet souls is hard.  But I haven't heard a single complaint from Ann.  I'm sure there are many she could spell out on a scroll reaching miles long, but Ann presses forward with the grace and beauty she has always possessed.  How I miss her.  She told me the other day she has started creating for the first time since being there.  She's making a quilt.  I wish I could sit by her side on the couch with that quilt on our lap, needle and thread rising and falling the ocean waves, laughing and crying about motherhood, about change and the beauty of it all.  Happy Birthday, Ann.  You amaze me.
ps i love you


  1. Beautifully said and that little one looks like she could be one of yours!

  2. My goodness, your family does have a "birthday season."

  3. What a gorgeous gorgeous little niece and a beautiful sister you have. Women like your sister, who have hearts that big, are born to be mothers. She sounds like a truely amazing person.

  4. Thank you, Katy. How I miss you, too!! Someday we will hopefully be closer. Love you much.

  5. Katy- my sis is across the ocean in the middleeast as well (though, they're near dubai and it looks your sis is in qatar). I share your sister-far-away missing!
    We're headed over to visit this summer for a couple of weeks- the Smoochies haven't ever been. I can't wait.
    Thanks for putting this on here. :)


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