07 December 2011

Something New

Whelp.  I think I've successfully passed on my affinity for hats to my girls.
 And I think they carry it well.
Even if it is a balmy 72 degrees on this very day.
Do you have a fun place where you get hats?  I'm always on the hunt, even if I do just have one head.
Oh, and my dad always said to us while growing up you learn something new every day.  
My something new?  Little Cloves has a dimple in her chin when she grins a big one.  That girl.  How did we not ever see that before?  Probably because she never holds still long enough.

Because I know someone is going to ask: I got all these hats from MooseMouseCreations.


  1. Try the Fuzzy Noggin shop on etsy. She makes the cutest crocheted hats for her girls and boy. And designs her own patterns and sells them for $5.00.

  2. Have you seen the Albertus Swanepoel hats at Target? I love them.

  3. Adorable. I never considered myself to be a hat person. Somehow my head sort of seems to disappear when I put something on it. Abracadabra.. gone is the head.

    Anyway, I wished I was. Maybe I should try again. Does your head grow after the age of... say... 30? One can hope, right? :-)

    Anyway. these hats are great. Love them! And the models are pretty cute too!

    Oh, and because this comment wasn't long enough yet: My eldest has a dimple in his chin. Right from birth it was really obvious. And then, a couple of nights after giving birth to him, me and my husband were sitting on the couch watching 'House'. It was an episode about a boy, with a dimple. And at one point House told the boy that he couldn't have been his father's son, because his dad didn't have a dimple. At that point my husband turned to me and raised his eyebrows...

    Uh oh.

    Luckily my eldest turns out to be a copy of my husband in lots of ways, and luckily he never really doubted me. But it has been a running joke around here since that day.*grin*

  4. Jen--thanks for the link!

    Jessica-YES! I have the turquoise one. Do you have one?

  5. I LOVE those hats! I'm oh so envious because I look ridiculous in hats, though my other half kindly tells me otherwise. I thought you'd made those hats and was going to insist you post the pattern, tutorial and all the gory details of each one!

  6. So cute! :) Great pictures. Wish I could wear a hat without looking goofy.

  7. wow! these are unbelievably adorable(the hats and the models:) I hope all these pictures get framed and put on display.

  8. Those are gorgeous hats (and models, of course).

    I used to wear hats all the time at university but now I've grown up (allegedly) I seem to have stopped suiting them. I suspect it's because on top of growing up I've also grown out rather a lot.

    I have to go hat shopping soon.

    ShortLouise from SewIdiotic

  9. I love hats, but always feel so self-conscious in them, so I never wear them. I've gotta get over that, don't I? They are all so sweet!

  10. attagirlbykedrin.com
    Each item is handmade by Kedrin. She is a good friend of mine!

  11. I love hats! I have knitted most of the ones around our home. Though I do sometimes splurge on a homemade one made by someone else!

    My girls love hats too, but are not allowed to wear them at school so they aren't used as often as they'd like.

  12. Gorgeous little ladies in hats!!! :o)

  13. such fun photos.
    such a fun dimple!

  14. I knit and crochet all my daughters' hats and have my own shop, http://ummashin.etsy.com. My girls are experimenting with yarn like your girl is with sewing, it is so fun to see them getting excited about what you love to do!

  15. how adorable! :) they wear it so well too!! did drummer get a hat too?


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