29 November 2011

Winners & Discount

The three winners of the Princess and the Pea Pattern from Follow the White Bunny are:

Congratulations, you three!
***Nicole is now offering 15% off any of her patterns in her shop www.followthewhitebunny.com using coupon code "NOBIGDILL" until December 4th!  

Also, remember that cute spool necklace?  
Karla is offering no big dill readers 10% off that or anything else in her shop until December 6th!  (psst, stocking stuffers?)  Use coupon code "sewapropos" for your discount.


  1. Yippee! Thanks for contacting me. My email address is sbeaubien(at) gmail.com

  2. Oops, I accidentally posted as my husband. I'm excited about winning the pattern! My email is sbeaubien (at) gmail.com


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