17 November 2011

A Few Things

A couple of questions answered about Once Upon a Thread:
 o1 Yes, you can add as many projects to the OUT Flickr Group (the more the merrier, I love that you all are playing along!), but please limit photos to 2 per project  You are welcome to include a link to your blog for more photos.
o2  Please specify which book inspired your project in the description.
Have you started to look at every single book you own and all your library books thinking how you can incorporate them into a project?  Then I've succeeded ;)

Also, have you commented on the HP TouchSmart post for your chance to win your own?  
We sure do feel blessed to have ours.  Divine has been doing her homework on it (she can get her science and math books online!)  Olive has been improving her math skills and Clover...well Clover thinks it's hers.
And one more thing: have you checked out ways to save money and energy through Home Depot?  I'm hoping our huge rainstorm last night nourished my little lettuce bed and we'll be eating it soon!


  1. Totally off subject...saw these and thought about your love of orange....http://www.etsy.com/listing/73172540/art-deco-salem-streamline-tricorne

  2. Stehpanie--I LOVE totally off subject things, thanks! Those are fantastic...adding to Christmas list pronto.


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