12 November 2011


Have you noticed a few changes around here?  I now have my tutorials all tidied and organized thanks to a very kind friend, Michelle.  All together, "Thank you, Michelle!"  And I know it's time to change my header when Ryan says something to the effect that he's tired of looking at my current one.  So, voila!  There will be a tutorial on those mini bistro chairs coming up.  I'm still working on the rest of my tabs, but will get all that finished soon.  Meanwhile, I have another announcement.  No Big Dill will now be accepting sponsors!  So, if you're interested in advertising here, send me an email at: nobigdillblog (at) gmail (dot) com, and I will get you details!

Are you as excited for ONCE UPON A THREAD as I am?  I have a bit of bombardment of posts coming on Monday, one of which will be kicking off my two week series of Once Upon a Thread, followed by some serious talent throughout the rest of the month.  Are you sewing up a fairy tale?  Don't forget to add your photos to the Once Upon a Thread Flickr Group!


  1. I love that little Drummer now has his beautiful eyes represented too!

  2. I agree..so good to see wee Drummer!!!
    And six chairs!!!

  3. Oh I love your tutorials page! How exciting to have everything squared away. And I love the new header!

  4. YEY A TUTORIAL PAGE! While I LOVED flicking through all your posts, this is going to be so much easier!

    Well done!

    {and omg I am hyperventilating at Once Upon a Thread. I'm a Fairytale addict!}


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