01 November 2011

Because I love you: Up My November Sleeve

Oh, yes!  
I am concocting another Once Upon a Thread!  If you're new here, this is an event where I invite guest bloggers to join me in a bit of sewing inspiration from children's books.  Here's a glimpse from the March fun we had:
Instead of being a month long, though, it will last just two weeks.  Two lovely, sweet weeks that I will savor!  I would, of course, like everyone to play along, but here are the guest bloggers I have lined up, some returning, and some first-time guests, all amazingly talented women:

Anneliese from Aesthetic Nest
Ashley from Li'l Blue Boo
Christy from A Lemon Squeezy Home
Dana from MADE
Delia from Delia Creates
Elizabeth & Liz from Simple Simon & Co
Vanessa from V and Co.

What are the rules?
I want this to be fun.  If you want to use a pattern, great!  [Just give credit if you've used someone's tutorial or pattern.]  If you want to come up with something completely your own, kudos!  It can be something literal, like an outfit from the book, or something more abstract inspired by the words and story. You are welcome to do clothes for kids, clothes for you, toys, accessories, games, whatever strikes your needle, just as long as it's made by you.  Knitters and crocheters are also welcome.  I'm not picky, hehehe.

What else should you know?
In addition to inspirational work of you and the above bloggers, there is going to be a ThanksGiveaway Day on Thanksgiving based on the theme of sewing, children's books, and reading.

When is this party starting?
Beginning November 14th and going until the 25th.  I will do a wrap-up and feature of some of YOUR projects after that, as well as announce winners of the giveaways, so make sure you add your projects to the Once Upon a Thread Flickr group. 

To see the projects from March, click on the link on my sidebar.

    Now get sewing! 


  1. sounds fun ! I'm in... I'm going to be doing something literal (an outfit from a book)... the Mayor of Munchkinland from the Wizard of Oz. I look forward to seeing what everyone else creates :)

  2. Can anyone join in? I am just starting an online shop/blog and would love to submit something! Stephanie

  3. I have been DYING for this to come around again!

  4. super excited about this!!!! I LOVED the march series!

  5. Oh this is great! I have some Christmas gifts planned that are based on story books. I hope I get them made in time to feature.

  6. Need inspiration? Great vintage book illustrations here...

  7. Yay! Loved the first series, so I'm excited for the next!

  8. When do projects need to be in by? How do I submit one?

  9. are you on zulily? i just saw the cutest little boy shirt and thought of you because it says "drummer wanted" on it with a picture of a drum set. if you're not on that site yet, go here: http://www.zulily.com/invite/mmckinnon509 and the brand that the shirt is under is called Lissoos.

  10. Jenae-Just add your photos to the OUT Flickr group!

    merathon--PERFECT! I just ordered one :)

  11. ooooo how exciting! i'd love to join in. time to get brainstorming...

  12. Oh, I am so excited for this!! Last edition was very inspiring. Maybe I will play along this time :)

  13. I love this! I've already got my book in mind: Little Blue and Little Yellow.

  14. Yea! I love the Once Upon a Thread event in March.

  15. I'm super excited to be in the company of those amazing other bloggers...you included!

  16. Oh yay!!! Fun fun fun!! :)

  17. Can I add more than one project? I have two in mind :)

  18. ahhh, man! I missed it! I wanted to play along this time, but somehow missed this until now... Can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with this time!


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