26 September 2011

Petal Sleeve Tutorial

I will be bringing home my guest post tutorials over the course of bringing home my baby.

This is a tutorial for the petal sleeves on Divine Grace from Project Run & Play.  Have you ever made your own piping?  I love to play around with making my own and using different size cording (especially itsy bitsy cording and jumbo cording--my own terms ;) than is traditionally found in pre-made piping.  If you want to join the fun, here is a tutorial on how to make your own piping, and if you've never cut bias strips, go here to learn.

* * *
An easy and simple way to dress up sleeves:  
Petal Sleeve Tutorial
 o1  Cut a rectangle that extends 1 1/2-2" beyond the center of the sleeve.  Round one corner and cut 7 more "petals".
 o2  Clip piping so it will easily curve around the bottom of the petal and stitch in place as close to the piping as you can get.  Using a zipper foot or a foot with a groove on the bottom helps to do this.

o3  Sew the other half of the petal on the piece with the piping already sewn on.  Pin and stitch, following the previous stitching line.
o4  Clip triangles along the entire sewn edge to get rid of excess fabric that will be turned inside, up to the stitching line, but careful not to clip the actual stitches.
o5  Turn the petal right side out and press.  Repeat steps o3-o5 with 3 other petals.

o6  Simply add the petals to the sleeve, lining up sides, allowing the petals to overlap.  Stitch and press seam allowance up.  Edgestitch [stitching very closely to the seam] on the top to keep the seam in place.
o7  Continue sewing sleeve as instructed.
To see the post, go here.


  1. Oh she looks just lovely! A pretty flower dress for a pretty flower of a girl!

  2. That dress (and of course your daughter) is gorgeous! I really wish I had girls to sew for...I might have to make something similar for my niece :0)

  3. Stunning! I am new to your blog so thanks so much for the repost. I ADORE the color and elegance of this dress. Speachless... :)

  4. Thanks for sharing the tutorial, it's so kind of you.
    Divine is so fabulous in that dress! :o)


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